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    Elementary OS (Solved)

    Ok so i followed all the advice from my previous 2 threads but this os is sucking the life out of me. Some of the code online doesn't seem to work and after i install elementary OS and i try to click on files in applications my pc just restarts. Can someone knowledgeable in this please give me...
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    (Solved) - Elementary OS Installation Issues

    I just downloaded elementary OS a few hours ago. Managed to fix them thanks to a 54 year old gentleman from my previous thread. But now i have a new issue. I watched a video on YouTube from average linux user. In that he details 15 things you can do to make the OS better. But i dont know how to...
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    Elementary OS Update issue [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone. I just downloaded and installed linux on my pc after i heard how great it was. I used the official elementary os website which i found on however after installing it i got the error that reads I can't update my OS because the source files might be corrupted and some...