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  1. wizardfromoz

    Firefox 96 Is Out

    You can read about it here For Linux developers and so on For me, the new release seems to be coming through more quickly under Arch-based distros. Friday...
  2. wizardfromoz

    Festive Wishes from Wizard

    To all Forum Members I wish you Seasons Greetings. Be safe, and if you indulge, I hope you won't be sorry. Chris Turner wizardfromoz
  3. wizardfromoz

    50K Mark Reached in Membership

    Over my night DownUnder, we reached the 50,000 Members mark (50,002 at time of writing). The last time I congratulated ourselves was two years and 8 months ago, when we passed the 25K mark ... so to double our figures in such a short...
  4. wizardfromoz

    Installed Manjaro or other Arch alongside other Distro, then Kernel Panic later

    If you are running just Manjaro (or other Arch-based Distro) on your computer, or even dual-booting with Windows, and you then choose to install an additional Distro that is not Arch-based, then this article is for you. If you are dual-booting or multi-booting even one more Linux that is not...
  5. wizardfromoz

    RIP Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie WATTS dies at 80

    Peacefully, in hospital. RIP, Charlie, you will be missed. Wizard
  6. wizardfromoz

    Brighten Up Your Day - GRUB Menu Theming Wizard-style

    A long, long time ago (I can still remember how that music used to make me smile), friend @Vrai asked me over at @JasKinasis 's Thread on Desktops, what wallpapers Wizard uses, and I failed to answer, regrets. I will remedy that now. It is not so much a case of what wallpapers I use in my...
  7. wizardfromoz

    My transparent Cinnamon is ready

    Well Done, @rado84 and @Tolkem :) Just a heads up - this thread is unnecessary and basically should be with the other here I am closing this Thread and moving the 2 Posts to the other...
  8. wizardfromoz

    A Meeting of Like Minds

    Brian @Condobloke and I first "met" at a previous forum and site 7 years ago, coming up around 1st October. Over the following year we became firm and fast friends, emailed and talked on the telephone and had ideas of meeting, when he and his wife Te lived in Condobolin in north-west New South...
  9. wizardfromoz - Entry to Site - Cloudflare's Captcha

    To Members old and new, we are currently experiencing a problem with accessing the site. All of the content is available, but you have to first go through hoops with a Captcha puzzle where you identify pictures featuring a bicycle or boat, and so forth. This is not intentional, but we...
  10. wizardfromoz

    Redhat 8.4 Has Arrived

    For those who use RHEL as a business solution, the following may be of interest. Redhat 8.4 has been released. The Release Announcement is here and the Release Notes here...
  11. wizardfromoz

    Linux Kernel Turns 30 in August

    I usually only spare a couple of minutes a day for viewing Distro Watch , to see what new releases there are and a couple of other areas of interest. A couple of days ago, I took some time to read their Distro Watch Weekly, issue 915, and featured in it was a link to an interview with the man...
  12. wizardfromoz

    New (additional) Super Moderator

    Some of you may or may not have noticed that we have a new Super Moderator in our ranks, but bad luck, I'm not going anywhere :) The new Mod is David G. better known as @KGIII I can certainly use the help, and @Rob , our erstwhile Administrator, can speak for himself. Welcome David! David...
  13. wizardfromoz

    Covid Corner

    I have given this a great deal of thought, and decided to start a Thread where people can come and share on COVID, and maybe learn something as well. Before you contribute to this Thread, please read or re-read the Off Topic Rules, as written by Rob (when he provided this subforum we all...
  14. wizardfromoz

    Wizard's New Year Message

    2020 has certainly been an Annus Horribilis (horrible year) with regard to the rise of and proliferation of COVID-19, causing widespread havoc and misery to many. Hopefully it is not long from being, if not conquered, then at least being brought under manageable control. To all my "Friends and...
  15. wizardfromoz

    Vale-dictum, Sean Connery

    Got this from a friend here, thanks I said "I will go into mourning for him, I adored him". RIP Wizard
  16. wizardfromoz

    Visually Challenged? Tweak Your Linux - Tips From Wizard

    I initially wrote a Thread on this subject at another website over five and a half years ago. The subject matter is easily as important, if not more so, to me, as advancing age sees my eyesight deteriorate inexorably. Being a Moderator here, I am going to pin this Thread, likely in General to...
  17. wizardfromoz

    OK Charlie, What's With The Car Avatar?

    Spill the beans, mate :) Chris
  18. wizardfromoz

    Linux Mint 20 Snap restrictions and How To Install Chromium Browser In a Snap ... Or Not

    Wizard’s Glossary Clem – Clement Lefebvre, Founder, CEO & Project Manager, Linux Mint PPA – Personal Package Archive Many will be aware that Clement Lefebvre’s team at Linux Mint released version 20 10 days or so ago. What you may not be aware of is that with its release, Clem and his team...
  19. wizardfromoz

    WIZARD offline again

    Sorry folks - telephone exchange problems, offline from last Wednesday 10th to next Wednesday 17th June. Carry on regardless :) Wizard
  20. wizardfromoz

    Film and TV Obits - Hollywood and Other

    Vale Rene Auberjonois RENE as Odo in Deep Space 9 I only just learned today that Rene died 8 December just passed. Aged 79, died of cancer. The Guardian have a good obit here Elaine and I were big fans, even...