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  1. xXNORDXx

    PC build questions.

    I have never built a PC . I'm looking for mainly just a home computer nothing high strung like the ultimate gaming computer. But I was thinking maybe I should build my PC with gaming motherboard just because of all the stuff you can add later? Anyways interested in what you guys have built...
  2. xXNORDXx

    Samsung Chrome book 3 with Linux Mint Cinnamon

    I finally did it! this is too RAD!!!!! Been trying to do this since 2019 and now finally its done. Did both of these Intel chipped computers with the same live Usb drive I always use.and a few commands from this kid on youtube.
  3. xXNORDXx

    HP Stream 14

    So I have one of these cheap HP computers . Well, more like an 86x chromebook it has 65 gigs of memory. Already got rid of the HP Windows mess and started looking into a new harddrive. As I'm reading up on it and its embeded into the motherboard. Next thing looked into the ram and decided to...
  4. xXNORDXx

    S2PI raspberry Pi 4 case mod

    It's not perfected yet but you get the Idea . This case alone is the coldest case I have ran for this thing. GeeekPi Raspberry Pi 4 Metal Case,Raspberry Pi 4B Case for Raspberry Pi Low-Profile CPU Cooler,Raspberry Pi Case for RPi Horizontal ICE Tower Cooler ( Pi and Fan NOT Included)...
  5. xXNORDXx

    Pi apps a must have to make your pi experience top notch! is where this terminal command is from learned about this through EC Explaining I have been searching for an app like this for some time. not sure how to put it in this message for terminal copy. Well worth it ! I never post anything without...
  6. xXNORDXx

    Berry Boot
  7. xXNORDXx

    Just ordered a Pi Zero -2

    This Pi zero 2 is a small version of the Pi 3 from what I have read. I also follow this guy on youtube .
  8. xXNORDXx


    sudo apt-get install tasksel sudo tasksel sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager Select your flavor with spacebar then type reboot It's not true Mint but it's close enough lol! Also my screen is not what you will see as I have manipulated a few things with conky/geany. If you...
  9. xXNORDXx

    sudo crontab -e python

    Anyone savy with python and cron? trying to get my LCD screan to work at boot up. using raspbain pi . I jusr can't seem to wrsp my head around it. home/pi/
  10. xXNORDXx

    M.2 hat raspberry PI

    I just bought an M.2 drive hat for the raspberry pi4 anyone else have this setup?
  11. xXNORDXx

    Conky on Raspberry Pi

    I learned how to do this from a youtube video and a website really cool . sudo apt-get install conky -y
  12. xXNORDXx

    Command line tips and tricks

    I only know of one and it was by I wonder if... so I saw this command that caught my attention and I was like hmm... I wonder if I typed the same command but with my online signature name. And yes it worked . just a little fun for you guys . figlet -c and your text sorry my photo sux for phones.
  13. xXNORDXx

    Operation save old laptop

    My old laptop is going to serve as one of my desktops as I have saved it by running linux mint live . now I just gotta figure out how to adjust the screen lol!
  14. xXNORDXx

    Gaming on Pi

    I started off with retro pi then accidentally put my gaming sd in the boot up sd spot and this popped up I was like what just happened? lol Glad it did though because the games are better in this mode.
  15. xXNORDXx

    Ice tower dual fans

    Ice Tower duel fans in my 90°F plus garage Pi temps ranging from 35° to 41°C or 95°F -105°F . I was wondering if I might be drawing too much power and if there was a way to check?
  16. xXNORDXx

    4 ssd hat raspberry pi

    Is it overkill or just super awesome! I like overkill myself lol!
  17. xXNORDXx

    Raspberry Pi4 case

    Just pulled the trigger on this case for the Raspberry PI4. I saw a video of this case being made. Its a 3d print but this guy also has a laser cutting tool he uses and well I have to say everything he builds looks amazing . Can't wait to get this thing in my man cave.
  18. xXNORDXx

    Books to read on Linux?

    I have been searching around and found these books always looking for better ones if you know of any.
  19. xXNORDXx

    Ubuntu on Raspberry pi4 issues and fixes.

    So here I go I installed Ubuntu on a separate SD card bot it booted up and signed in by key board. Go to type in FireFox no key board only mouse long story short the fix is to simple well at least for me. Back to the log on screen type in user name then you see a sprocket icon lower right corner...
  20. xXNORDXx

    Found a fix for pi4 youtube videos not working. not sure if this has been posted or not but here is the fix for youtube html5 error.