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    I'm having troubles tdeleting directories. When I try to delete a directory from either the CL or with the GUI, I get this error msg: rm: cannot remove 'Ancestry info': Is a directory. In all the tutorials I've seen, the rmdir cmd should delete the directory. Thanks, DAve
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    Documents folder missing

    Hi. I recently was using the move command to move a file from my Documents folder to a memory stick. When I was done, I saw that I had an icon (red or yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it), and an error msg saying to check the spelling and that the Documents folder didn't exist. I...
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    Repository problems

    I was trying to get Winehq from the Wine website. I copied and pasted the command line input for the Wine Repository. Since then, when I try to open the Synaptic package manager or do anything from terminal, I get this error msg: E:Malformed entry 1 in list file...