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  1. itsNestor05

    Problems with customizing LXDE: Logout Message

    When you want to turn off your computer, restart or log off in your LXDE session, you see a window like this, right? Well, it turns out that NSX v1, the new ubuntu-based distro i talked you guys about earlier, is going to have a lite version. As the standard v1 version is based on Ubuntu...
  2. itsNestor05

    NSX v1: Build 041 Released!

    Whats added? - Replaced Ubuntu font with NSX font in the bar and some more parts - Security updates - Changed the login screen's font, image and logo Link: Edit: This build is Alpha 5, but next build will be Alpha 6
  3. itsNestor05

    NSX v1

    Starting today, this will be the official thread for NSX and NSX-related things. For people that doesn't know what NSX is, this is a ubuntu-based linux distro, but with wine and more programs out of the box. Here i will upload my new distro if i release a build of NSX. Actually, we are on Alpha...
  4. itsNestor05

    some problems with ubiquity

    I use Pinguy Builder to make a iso for my new linux distro. I tested dist mode, and the installation program works. But with backup mode, it doesn't even start up. How i can make ubiquity work in backup mode?
  5. itsNestor05

    Future Windows 7 replacement? - New Distro based on Ubuntu 18.04

    Hey guys, itsNestor05 here! I had so many problems with windows for all my life, so i decided to create my own distro based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but customized, and with some programs out of the box, like Wine, Audacity, etc. Im been working in this distro for 5 months and a half (since December...