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    I need help installing the latest blender

    Need help install the latest blender on linux mint. i have it on in the folder but I need to get it in application menu
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    pros and cons of Type 1 Hypervisor

    What the pros and cons for Type 1 Hypervisor as a linux user vs normal duel boot ?
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    how do you have your keyboard short cuts set up?

    I know not many people who have full desktop environments use keyboard short. But for tho who do how do you have your keyboard shortcuts set up? here mine
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    I am am little confused how to get xfwm4 standalone. I play aound with laptop that not my main computer i need to know how to get it in my display manger. here where the files are published
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    youtube leaving roku. is Raspberry Pi a good substitute

    YouTube Leaving roku . So wondering a bout Raspberry Pi how fast is it and worth it for watching media ? all I like watching is Distro tv ,pluto tv , tubi, and xumo. If any has use Raspberry Pi as media player let me know your thoughts
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    DTOS XMonad configuration

    Look like DistroTube DTOS XMonad configuration scrip is comming along great
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    The Browsers discussion

    Lately their discussion around open source browsers vs proprietary browsers and the evils of google. The thing do not understand why the need for a privacy focus open source browser when most people keep going to youtube, and gmail. ? which are both are owned by google and is gathering some...
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    Nix – Package Manager for Linux

    What your thoughts on the Nix Package Manager for Linux? I not sure what Nix is but i think it replace your stock Package Manager. correct me if i am wrong .I heard on distro tube live stream that some one is useing Nix Package Manager on a non Nixos operating system. I see this could be...
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    left click application menu

    i running linux mint 20.2 xfce . i wanta know what application do i need ,configuration file or option do i need change so that i can get a left click application menu. Atm i have a right click
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    compiz 20.2 xfce

    i know this has been asked before but can we remove compiz on linux mint 20.2 xfce and still have a working system?
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    Ubuntu Release 21.10

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    apple unsecurity

    let's discuss
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    how to fix video playback on browser

    I been lately swithching browserss . Most of them dont play every video on facebook or youtube . even firefox which is stander in most linux distros . i currently running falkon and i like it . how do i go about fixing it ?
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    appimage flatpak ,snap or other

    What format do you like doing when install programs onto your computer and why ?
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    Sway project

    After some problems . I have decide to undertake to building swaywm as daily driver on fedora. here what did so far first install i3 fedora and installed sway on top of. then i coped the sway config to home directory. Then install waybar sudo dnf install waybar then i edited the sway...
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    display manger

    I was useing i3 wm only on my system. I went to shutdown and restart and had lightdm display manger crash on me on start up . Couldnt get to any thing so i decided to do a fresh install of i3 fedora and install sway on top of it. But i wanta make sure that my system doesnt crash again cause of...
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    cinnamon desktop

    Where can i get the source code for cinnamon desktop? I wanna build it in rocky linux . it going a computer i just rescued from going to trash pile
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    arcanists2 ubuntu version

    I glad someone saved arcanists once jagex killed off Funorb Website. They say the whole ubuntu version is for only ubuntu . But the bruning question can i play it and install it on Linux Mint.
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    free tv enthusiast

    Most of use are not only Linux enthusiast but also free tv enthusiast, this will be where we can post up and comming channels, information and other related information . Anything related to free air satellite tv, and over the air tv . feel free to join the discord hosted by Robbie Strike ...
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    how do i copy my system .

    i wanna make a unofficial lxde linux mint project. super lightweight. I want to post it on github