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  1. Dumpling

    Wacom Cintiq Pen Offset in KDE Neon

    Dual Monitor works great in Neon (even the mouse works perfectly) The only problem now is that, when I use my Wacom Stylus to draw the pen and cursor are offset Here are Some Pictures: I really hope there are some methods to fix this issue :( Also Here is my System Info: Other...
  2. Dumpling

    Wacom Cintiq 16" not detected in KDE Neon (Or with Any Distro having a KDE Desktop Environment)

    Edit: Finally Got the screen working! Guys, I have been trying for months now! whenever I install a distro with KDE Desktop Environment (or put this DE in other distros) it just gives a blank screen in the Cintiq Monitor, Despite I've installed the correct NVIDIA Driver (mine is Quadro P400 )...
  3. Dumpling

    Random Linux Memes❓

    I randomly found them while browsing Linux Memes on Duckduckgo.
  4. Dumpling

    A Doodle ✏ (And College Venting)

    Been wanting to show some drawings here but barely get any time since, my college assignments keep endlessly stacking up! :( Annnd, here's a doodle of mine: I'm on the left, boyfriend's on the right. Wish I was learning Blender, but my collage objects to anything that is not part of their...
  5. Dumpling

    Cannot Install TP-LINk Driver on Debian 10 (Buster)

    TP-LINK Model Number: TL-WN725N GitHub Link: 1) I did these steps: 2) I then did "git clone (the link)" and went to cd rtl8188eu (folder is in home directory) 3) [email protected]:~/rtl8188eu$ make...
  6. Dumpling

    My Response to People who make the :DD Face

    Guess what? I got two mouths too! : DD now I'm waiting for my third mouth to grow so I can go one step ahead and make the : DDD face!! I made this thingy in Pinta
  7. Dumpling

    A Woman I Know

    Randomly doodled this woman when I got bored of doing college assignments, I made this on some random android app with my fingers...(it's brushes are kind of weird) :eek:
  8. Dumpling

    Hi! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    You can call me Dumpling (For now). Drawing is my hobby and I started exploring Linux when I wanted to learn more about open source softwares. Prior to Linux my main OS was Windows (I still use it to play games sometimes) also, I have since childhood loved Mac OS's Docker and aesthetics so, my...
  9. Dumpling

    Cannot Start my Own Doomseeker Game/server

    I am able to join other people's server in doomseeker but am unable to create my own game, it just shows this screen: Other launcher message: My configuration while creating the game:
  10. Dumpling

    [Resolved] For Elementary OS: How to make VLC Continue playing Music on the top when I close it.

    When I am playing a song on VLC the screen looks like this (with two vlcs for some reason): When I close VLC the song stops playing but I still see one vlc up which does nothing when I click play button on it: So, how to make VLC continue playing my song when I close it, just like the...
  11. Dumpling

    [Resolved] I'm Unable To Uninstall Elementary OS Hera Default 'Music' Player

    Edit: The problem is now Resolved! I prefer VLC player for listening to my music so I don't require Elementary os's default music player. Problem is, when I try uninstalling from the AppCenter it gives an error (it even occurs when I tried uninstalling it from the Terminal) I have attached 2...
  12. Dumpling

    wget command connect failed and other problems

    Edit: The problem is now Resolved! :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm trying to install magnifying docker effect for Elementary OS Hera but when I use the wget command, it waits for a...