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    Setup Smart Card Reader

    Hi everyone quick question. I would like to use a smart card reader to be able to access work websites from my Linux Computer running Mint Cinnamon. I am not having much luck, and not sure really where to start. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sound Problem after fresh base Arch Install (SOLVED)

    Question, I have installed a base Arch Linux Install added network manager, awesome WM, LightDM, Nitrogen, and Terminator. Everything seems to work okay however I have no sound. Installed Alsa-Utils and followed some instructions on the forum with no luck. I have googled, watched YouTube, and...
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    Root vs User install question

    I made a mistake, I am getting confused with how to use root. I installed Linux and post install went ahead and installed packages that I thought would be needed for all users such as display manager, window manager, and some other stuff. Then I created a new user and quickly realized many of...
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    Backup question

    Hello everyone, as I work and learn new things with Llinux I have been reading and started using Arch. It took me some trial and error I was however able to get it installed. I then installed xorg, awesome, lightdm, anyway I been working in a VM until I am able to confidently understand what I...
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    Software Question for Sony ZV-1 Camera

    Hello Linux community, I have a question I would like to use the above mentioned camera on my Ubuntu Desktop computer however, it is not available for Linux only Mac and Windows. In cases like this how do we work around these issues or is there even a general way to work around these issues...
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    Ubuntu Touch OS, Best device

    Hello Linux folks, as I learn Linux and read more I would like to try Ubuntu touch as a daily driver phone. I see on the website they support a lot of phones and it seems like there are advantages of each (as many are still being developed). Does anyone have experience with running Linux on...
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    Mid 2015 MacBook Air Linux Installation Wifi issues

    All, I attempted to install Linux Mint (most current version) onto my mid 2015 Mac Air. While in the installation menu (test mode I think it is called) wifi works great I am logged into the form. My problem is when I restart the machine and it logs into Mint I have no wifi, when I click the...
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    Hello everyone, I am just getting into LINUX. I am from the USA midwest I am very much looking to learn as much as I can about linux as I am looking to get into the cybersecurity industry (currently going to classes). I was a big Mac fan until I discovered Linux. Thanks everyone and if I may...
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    First Linux Box, help with hardware compatibility

    Hello and thank you for taking time to assist me. I am attempting to build my first Linux Desktop (currently wife and I are Mac users) I would like something that would be able to edit and render video as my wife does a fair amount of this. I was looking and reading up but I am confused on what...