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    Fightcade Error

    Help me.
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    What best distro for gaming?

    What best distro for gamiing?
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    What best gamepad for Linux?

    What best gamepad for Linux?
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    Xow Service [Xbox One wireless dongle]

    I wanted to use this service to turn on my controller in Dougle. Found the following error. sudo systemctl enable xow Failed to enable unit: Unit file xow.service does not exist.
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    Discord Install Error

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    Error playing on debian

    do you know this error?
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    Xbox One control

    Control is blinking. I need to remove and put the cable for the control to work. On windows it works normally
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    Xbox Control

    I bought an Xbox One controller. The problem is the following, I use my control on the usb cable, it is turning on and flashing the light and does not connect. I have to remove the cable and insert it again, then linux recognizes it. Also what problem can this be? will I always have to take it...