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    How do you download or install software?

    Hello... I'm curious how to install software? I have a vpn software that I would like to install and curious how it's done under Linux, thanks
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    Linux with no software

    Hello... I'm curious if there are any Linux OS or distro that doesn't have any software already installed, just a plain linux OS something like windows were by after the installation one needs to download programs? Thanks
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    Cinnamon Clock Font Size Too Small

    There doesn't seem to be much one can do with regarding the small icons/ clock that really sucks. I don't get why one can't have the clock bigger or those close/expand icons but it is what it is. I guess the more I use Linux the easier it will be later on. Oh yeah, workspaces seem fun to use....
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    Which is the most stable version?

    Hello... Newbie never used Linux before or have a clue what it's all about, so with that being said If an alien were to land on this earth and he wanted to use Linux which OS would you suggest he try, or better yet which is the most stable version without many issues? I don't care for games or...