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  1. smooth_buddha

    slackware 15 not picking up wifi on dell inspiron <SOLVED>

    just installed slackware 15 xfce on a dell inspiron. everything seems fine other than network manager not picking up wifi. wifi is not showing up, to activate/turn on internal wifi usually press Fn key + f2 but seems to have no effect $lshw not available ran a $ping localhost which works i...
  2. smooth_buddha

    Will be joining the metaverse???

    Hey guys would like to ask what you guys think about the metaverse project??? Do you think you will be using the metaverse as a part of Would love to hear your thoughts about meta :)
  3. smooth_buddha

    Ufo phenomenon! Clandestine deep black milatary programs or aliens!

    Hey guys slightly off topic! With the emerging ufo footage released by the pentagon and navy and all the worldwide sightings of disc shaped craft and craft displaying advanced propulsion would love to hear anybodies views on the subject. Whatever you beleive. I personally think the phenomena we...
  4. smooth_buddha

    Arco linux "Tweak Tool" lets you install and select any and all of the desktop envorments! its awesome!!!

    Arco linux TWEAK TOOL is awesome it lets you pick and install all the different desktop enviroments, you can change wallpaper for grub , change display manager, terminal ,themes, its very fun to play around with and very user friendly GUI no commands required!
  5. smooth_buddha

    How to save config files and settings to github, How is it done?

    Hey guys i have a github account and been customizing my Arch and Arco linux, but what im not sure of is how to back up my settings and configs, like which files i should back up. For a while ive kept installing and re-configing which is not efficient and eats up much time! Is it the .config...
  6. smooth_buddha

    thinking of getting new PC: which hardware is most compattible with Linux in general????

    Looking to eventually upgrade to a more powerful pc desktop and was wondering are there specific brands/hardware that work better with linux than others. I seen somewhere that AMD was prefured in some cases. Would love to hear any thoughts or experienc with new hardware with linux. I will most...
  7. smooth_buddha

    Lets talk Linux security! What security programs, CLI tools, GUi tools do you use to keep you linux system secure?

    Would love to hear what security tools, apps and programs any of you use to keep your system secure and safe, also any other security measures that you take like sandbox'ing or virtualization, or specific security based distros you like or prefur???? I personally use clamav and clamtk ...
  8. smooth_buddha

    Anybody know about Digitally remastering a video shot from 1983 from a YouTube video, what software to use?

    Hey guys there was a film from 1983 that is old footage and something I was wondering if could be remastered! Does anybody know how to go about remastering old footage ? Which software works best and how long this process takes ? The length of the video is around 40 minutes , footage is old from...
  9. smooth_buddha

    If your new to Arch linux you should check out ARCO LINUX, a distro designed to teach and master linux!

    cam across this awesome website and distro Arco Linux has awesome website which has a "learning path" which different phases to learn all about linux by gradually learning how to use all the different fascets that build up your linux distro It looks great, anybody new to linux or Arch linux...
  10. smooth_buddha

    Matrix 4 movie - disappointed

    I was so excited about there been a new matrix 4 movie becuse I’m a huge huge huge fan of the matrix trilogy movies. But it broke my heart to watch this latest 4th movie-I thought it was terrible, it Lacked all the characteristics that made the original movies a masterpiece . It was a huge anti...
  11. smooth_buddha

    Backing up Arch timeshift and or config files???

    Hey guys i gotta Arch system up and runnning and was curious how u guys "back up". Ive heard people online talking about ho they save their config files on github . I also recently seen the wizard did a great post on timeshift which got me thinking about backing up both data and my system...
  12. smooth_buddha

    Im curious to know what extra programs and settings some of you Arch users add to your system after install that are not mentioned in General Recom?

    Ive been reading the "genreal recommendations" list on the Arch wiki , which is awesome and feel im learning a lot just by reading it but Id like to ask all of you that use Arch are there any extras, programs or configs that any of you do that are not on that Arch wiki recommendation list...
  13. smooth_buddha

    Wifi password shown in human readable text in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf ??????

    On my raspberry pi4 i was shocked to find that my wifi password was stored in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf in a human readble format! I was surprised it wasn’t encrypted like the system user passwords in the shadow file. Am I missing something here? does anybody know why it’s been...
  14. smooth_buddha

    What terminal emulator do you use?

    Im currently using a teminal emulator called "Terminology" its quite fun and customziable. I discovered it by using Bodhi linux, that distro has terminology as default terminal
  15. smooth_buddha

    Creating a new .xinitrc file or edit an existing one? Which is best?

    I just recently indtalled Arch and ive seen 2 different ways to start a desktop enviroment from the .xinitrc file. Im currently using xfce4 for my desktop enviro. The 2 methods: 1. Create a new .xinitrc file by touch comand and using nano edit it and type Exec xfce4-session 2. Cp...
  16. smooth_buddha

    just installed Arch for the first time! wanting to learn more about customization!

    Finally! after many previous failed attempts i finaly got Arch installed! something ive wanted to try for a while now to try and learn more deeper aspects of linux and customization. Next step is to try and get xorg installed , desktop enviroment, login screen and window manager. Im looking...
  17. smooth_buddha

    Do you use ethernet cable or wireless to connect to your internet?

    hey guys just curious to know if you use ethernet cable or wireless to connect to your internet??? Ive read ethernet is slightly quicker and more stable! was just curious if its actually noticeable or if its only slightly better by degree's??
  18. smooth_buddha

    Best Linux command you will ever learn!!!!

    The next time you type a command that required sudo and you forgot to put it infront of the command try this bad boy! sudo !! The !! (bang bang) will repaeat the previous command you typed with sudo infront of it!
  19. smooth_buddha

    Linux mint only supports virtualbox v5 and does not allow latest v6 virtualbox or allow update of expansion pack???

    I have had no issues with mint but i did realise the other day that in the software manager mint only seems to support version 5 of virtual box and does not allow expansion pack ( usb use) to be installed. Anybody else had this issue???? This is problematic for me because virtualbox is one of...
  20. smooth_buddha

    Why is a directory have the appearence of a text file but system says its a directory????

    for some reason a folder (directory) i have on my desktop has the icon and appearance of a text file (ABC icon written on it). Folder name is called "linux_distros" so i ran command file linux_distros and shell tells me its a directory which it is but then why on the GUI does it appear to be a...