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  1. CrazedNerd

    Wireless keyboards functionality at grub screen

    I'm curious about non-bluetooth wireless communication with mice/keyboards at the grub screen. Is it standard for grub to support it? As an example of the type pf technology im talking about:
  2. CrazedNerd

    What practical applications does teletype and interactive shell have for modern computers?

    I was trying to figure out what what exactly an interactive shell is, and somehow teletype came into it during my search. For those of you who do not know, teletype machines are neworked computers from the 70s/80s that would be used to send messages to people in other buildings, to put it...
  3. CrazedNerd

    Why does the fc command bring up this weird file in nano?

    ive been playing with built in commands. Fc is supposed to execute a command in your history, which it does, but it brings you into nano with this file: /tmp/bash-fc.eKJwSQ The command i was trying to is at the top of the document. Does anyone understand this?
  4. CrazedNerd

    Is a monitor a character device?

    Since things that read data in streams are classified as such (or atleast that's my understanding of it...) is your monitor considered a character device?
  5. CrazedNerd

    What the heck is HiDPl support?

    Under Login Window settings, this is enabled by default. I disabled it, and it appears that it fixed my issue of linux mint (una) randomly turning the display off even though i told it to never turn off in screen saver. Google didn't tell me anything:
  6. CrazedNerd

    What the heck is the "-a" option for cp?

    It says "archive" on the man page, but it seems to just do the same thing as cp without options.
  7. CrazedNerd

    Post pictures and/or info about unusual technology

    Was gonna post this in linux hardware, but i would like to hear about laserdisc mods and typewriters with built in fountains as well! Here is a keyboard i bought after it was discontinued on ebay: I was looking for something that would help me with my mild neurological issue, unfortunately...
  8. CrazedNerd

    what exactly are the "[" and "test" commands? is where you find discussion of it.
  9. CrazedNerd

    Why the heck are "." and ".." counted as directories?

    Using , and ,, to make commands shorter makes perfect sense to me: . is the working directory and .. is the parent directory, but why are "." and ".." listed when i hit "ls -a"? Aren't they just symbols for something else? They don't show up when i ask linux to show hidden files on nautilus.
  10. CrazedNerd

    What do the grey arrows on nautilus mean for folders? Two people tried to answer this in the comments of the question in the link, but this is not conclusive. When executing "ls -F", those folders are teal with @ symbols fallowing them. If they are just symbolic links...
  11. CrazedNerd

    Is "Computer" a directory or what is it?

    One of the things that has confused me a little bit about linux distributions is the "computer" tab, located in nautilus, the default file manager for the main distros such as Ubuntu. When you click on "Computer", you see all of the folders that are standard for the operating system: root, usr...
  12. CrazedNerd

    Does copying/pasting with the scroll button work on every linux distro?

    I just learned that all you need to do to copy and paste on linux is: -highlight the text you want to copy...this loads that text into an X Windows buffer. -click you mouse wheel! I think that's amazing and great! Does this work on every linux distro? Vim/Emacs from a non-professional...
  13. CrazedNerd

    Have any of you found that you've had problems with internet addiction?

    Long story short...i've used the internet waaay too much over the past couple of years. I used to be better at compartmentalizing my activities, but i've grown accustomed to this feeling that i "must" use the internet, and i've gotten confused about how i should and shouldn't use it. I know it...
  14. CrazedNerd

    Does zeroing out a hard drive guarantee total file elimination?

    I would think that turning all binary digits to 0s would completely erase everything, but is there any chance of recovery? I ask this since normally a deletion ("rm" in linux or "empty recycle bin" in windows) just makes the space available for rewriting...and the data can still be recovered a...
  15. CrazedNerd

    Linux mint decided to lock me out of itself all the sudden

    Speaking from the Fedora partition... All the sudden it requires a login screen and my password doesn't work. Will try again. This is why security is over-rated and password requirement for root should just be an option on linux systems.
  16. CrazedNerd

    Is there a word for the data encapsulated in the frame?

    So the packet has the header and payload, very simple in terms of a structure, nice. ...But today i've learned that information is surrounded by the frame, which is where the device identification information is located, and would make any human head explode or more likely just cause...
  17. CrazedNerd

    Does systemd start after you choose the linux partition from the GRUB screen?

    This is my idea of how it works, i'm just confirming or questioning it. So after I select "linux mint" from the GRUB screen, then systemd is loaded into the ram and boots linux mint, correct? I was reading about it in "how linux works", and all the other user space initializers. Thanks.
  18. CrazedNerd

    What are enp6s0, lo, wlp5s0, lobal>, global>?

    I'm guessing that these are all internet drivers, for lack of better terminology, they came from my ifconfig output: enp6s0: flags=4099<UP,BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 ether 04:42:1a:ef:58:a6 txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet) RX packets 0 bytes 0 (0.0 B) RX errors 0...
  19. CrazedNerd

    A thread for discussing/evaluating IT books.

    I'm posting this partially as a response to someone asking which books are better off for understanding Kali you even find it practical to read books in relation to Information Technology [such as computers]? I mostly just do it because i like books, i go for both paperbacks and free...
  20. CrazedNerd

    What the heck is up with my fedora distro? (display weirdness)

    Sometime at around the time of booting and login, my screen does weird varied things and i can't access the operating system. Here's the most recent picture before hitting the power button, it just sits here instead of asking for my password: but that's not all, when i was sitting the screen...