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  1. NickBBB

    Wondering if my wifi adapter will work with Mint.

    I bought this recently since I do not have access to hard line my desktop, for reasons. I was wondering if and how I can get it to work with Linux when I make the switch to Linux. It is really the last thing I have to do in order to switch over. Mailiya 1200Mbps USB WiFi Adapter, Long Range...
  2. NickBBB

    Most secure and Easiest to use Linux Distro for new users in Sep 2018.

    I am wondering everyone's thoughts on the best Linux distro for a new user that seeks security, anonymity, and ease of use. I am aware that live booting and VM's are a thing, but also want to know what people think for the primary distro. Thank for your input. :)
  3. NickBBB

    I am brand new to Linux.

    I have been wanting to make the switch for years, but honestly, I was one of those ignoramuses that believed Linux would fell more like MS-DOS than windows and it seemed overwhelming. I am by no means ignorant to computer usage in general and have built and fixed/troubleshooted a lot of...