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    All in Ones - Brother and Canon

    Of the following two All-In-Ones, whereabouts are the Linux drivers for the Canon? I'll be using MX Linux 21 XFCE edition in conjunction. Canon state that they supply only Basic drivers for Linux users and that Linux users are no longer supported once they've installed the drivers. What do...
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    MX Linux Now Inaccessible due to Hardware Errors

    In the process of preparing to install MX Linux 19.1 from Wizard From Oz's instructions in another topic, after my computer suddenly restarted yet again, this time I have got more errors during Start Up than ever before, so I'm having to use my spare laptop computer in order to go online. The...
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    Epson Scanners XP-445 and SX-435W

    Can the XP-445 and SX-435W scanners (as part of two different All-In-One printer/scanner/copier machines) be run in MX Linux 19.1, even if not all aspects of the scanners can work? On the XP-445 in conjunction with my Desktop, the scanner wasn't recognized despite the all-in-one being switched...
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    Technical Faults Irrespective of Linux - Hardware Potential Source of Faults

    My custom built computer keeps intermittently freezing (which can happen within a minute or 10 minutes, so means that downloading can be challenging unless the computer holds out long enough for say 30 or more minutes), going to Sleep so often & having to move my mouse to wake up the screen, and...
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    MX Linux 19.1 GRUB Bootloader Unable to install on hard drive

    MX Linux 19.1 is excellent. It works brilliantly via my USB stick, except for the GRUB Bootloader which, even though listed as Fixed after attempted repairs, is not fixed as it won't install MX Linux onto my hard drive despite repeated efforts with numerous rows of "ACPI Error" per sda and...