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    How to add DKIM and SPF records for your domain from Cpanel?

    It's easy, you can simply follow the Steps to add DKIM and SPF records in Cpanel: Go to your domain Cpanel and log in Navigate to the email section and find the Authentication option On the DKIM section, click the enable button. You can see to it that the DKIM option has been enabled. Click...
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    How to create an SFTP Server using Linux CentOS?

    How to create an SFTP Server using Linux CentOS?
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    How to Install Zend Optimizer with cPanel?

    Zend Optimizer is a PHP addon which offers storing to enhance speed when stacking destinations; it can build execution by up to 40% by reserving as often as possible saw segments of PHP pages. Zend Guard likewise is helpful for encoding PHP documents to secure source code. Here's the manner by...
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    How will you check and confirm that your server is using suPHP?

    It's very simple to verify this. Have a simple 'php info' script. Create a file named 'phpinfo.php' under the public_html of your domain Insert the following code: <? php phpinfo(); ?> Access the file in your browser using the link At the top section...
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    How would you rectify the problem 'Can't create new cpanel accounts'?

    If you are creating a Cpanel account for a domain, let’s say and after filling Up all the details, required to create an account, you get the error Unable to add the user 'abccom' In that case, refer the below steps to rectify the issue: 1) First check...