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    Manjaro 21 and Garuda dr460nized need help installing

    I get the same results when trying to install from a dvd iso. Both distros were copied and burned on Brasero from torrents. The message I get after starting install for either distro says: "mount: /new_root; wrong fs, type, Bad option, Bad super block on overlay. missing code page, or helper...
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    Multiple Hard Drives and how to put applications on the drive where you want them

    First of all, hi Rob. Thanks for the welcome. I'm new to all this so a question would be; If I 'm using manjaro, every time I download anything it asks if it should archived or saved. I have four drives on my box and would like to have one for apps and utilities, and one for my os. the other two...
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    Don't know how to access the aur directory in Manjaro 20 terminal

    Need to add a text file to enable an old Vistablet model VT REALM tablet in Manjaro 20.2.1 Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
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    live usb boot manjaro 20.2.1

    Hi everyone, My problem is when I try to install Manjaro to my compute rfrom live usb stick; everything loads until the message "/run/miso/boot mount". Bounces back to usb live.
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    Hi y'all. somewhat still of a green horn at Linux

    So far, no luck on the newbie forum. Tried to post for some help on manjaro networkmanager. Got the opps something went wrong message. Just looking for some help. Great to be part of this comunity