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    Doubts in exercise how to change colums with awk or sed

    I have this exercise, but i don't know that miss in my comand because not show only 5 columns that contained RAID. Run a command on stdout as columns, 5, 4, 1, 3, 2 (in this order), separated by $ the file /usr/pci.ids but as lines that contained RAID word. I think only use the command sed or...
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    How use gzip for compress one directory that contains *.conf in one file ficheiros.conf.gz

    Hi i want compress the all *.conf in $ ~/sistema/Júpiter/luas/galileu for ficheiros.conf.gz but have a problem. I can't out of the folder nave. Is a requirement of exercise. My directory is $ ~/pjd07/nave And i need compress the files this directory in same directory. I try this: $ gzip -c...