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  1. FBClark

    sort --unique not working properly

    Foist off, a little intro. I played with DOS batch files back in the early 80s so I'm not only out of practice but I'm switching script language from batch to bash. Yeah, this is my first foray into the world of bash after using Linux for just shy of 15 years. I'm downloading, merging and...
  2. FBClark

    Hard of Hearing 'n Slight of Sight tips 'n tricks

    Gonna toss this out there for discussion and comparison. WDYD - > What Do You Do? I'm getting to that age where most people think I'm Canadian. No offense to the Canucks here, but I tend to say "Eh?" a lot. Hey, it's cheaper than hearing aids! What are the tricks some of you other HoH folks...
  3. FBClark

    International volunteer rant

    Intro first; I'm recently retired, just one year ago. I use LMDE as my current full time desktop. I tend to change distros about about every 5 to 7 years. My privacy and security are, of course, to me, prime. I recently volunteered with an international aid agency. It's training time for me of...