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    Console based Word Processors?

    Remembering Wordperfect for linux, it had a number of features like "reveal codes" and "tables with block protect" which enabled useful manipulations of text. But once getting into using the "reveal codes" feature for formatting text, it became reminiscent of a typesetter. Moving then to a linux...
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    How to examine `elf` file by hexdump?

    It's likely you'll need more tools to reverse engineer the binary. A few observations: The first 8 hex number from the 0 offset on the first line tell the reader that it's an elf file, which is indicated on the right section. The "40" on the third and fifth line are not the same "40". The first...
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    X server not running

    Of course if I could help, I would, but unfortunately I have so little experience with virtual box itself that I am of no real use there. I gather from this statement that the virtual computer did boot to runlevel 3, and showed a text prompt, at which you ran "startx" which failed to bring up...
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    X server not running

    Can't help with the virtual box, but to start your sysVinit system in text mode, the usual way is to place a 3 in the initdefault line in /etc/inittab: id:3:initdefault: and reboot. Check the notes in the file. The segmentation fault in the xorg log file is an ominous indicator. It may mean...
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    VPNs, Internet Security, and Why I Don't Bother

    KGill wrote: That's interesting. I recall a new user on the forum some time ago who posted a query, and then answered it himself with another user name. The wizardfromoz picked him up and exposed the sham. How did he do that? Was it that the poster posted from the same ip address? That would...
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    What are some good paid distros?

    I guess I was reflecting on the peace of mind the user is able to enjoy with a paid distro such as RedHat where the company provides the assistance which presumably is the most authoritative assistance available online or by phone for any issues that arise. There is certainly a comfort in...
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    One thing I miss about Windows...

    KGill wrote: An unspell checker? :-)
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    refresh rate 40hz?

    It's possible to write an xorg.conf file section which tries to control the refresh rate. Something like a file called, for example, /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-refreshrate.conf with something like: Section "Monitor" Identifier "monitor" Option "Primary" "true"...
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    Today's article has a really limited impact...

    Oneshot: tune2fs -U random /dev/sdX#
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    What are some good paid distros?

    What price peace of mind?
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    One thing I miss about Windows...

    Splelnig ins't taht mcuh of an osbtcale to udnrestnadnig so lnog as teh frist adn lsat ltetres aer in teh rgiht plcae.
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    'rm -rf ~0/' ruined my ubuntu because I want to delete a temporary folder named 0 while current folder is my home

    Rob wrote: Thanks for the correction. The context which I had in mind was of the command being run in the home directory of the OP which resulted in its loss, though my text appeared more generalised which was not intended.
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    execute commands from an app?

    Ah ... if only that was the case now, we'd have linux wifi drivers and high end linux nvidia graphics card's drivers able to use the full functionality of those hardware items. Alas, it's not always the case, but maybe in the future.
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    Need an explanation on \; and the end of commands

    The link provides useful info, but the semi-colon is escaped essentially so that the find command reads it and so it's not interpreted separately by the shell.
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    'rm -rf ~0/' ruined my ubuntu because I want to delete a temporary folder named 0 while current folder is my home

    rm -rf ~0/ deletes all files in the home directory. Check out: rm -rf ~/0 would have deleted only the file named 0. A directory is just another form of file.
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    Passwordless scp

    To disable password and only use key for authentication did you change the config in /etc/ssh/ssh_config on remote host to: PasswordAuthentication No and then run #systemctl reload sshd --- to give effect to changes?
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    execute commands from an app?

    Some random thoughts on the matter which may or may not be useful: - using acls (access control lists) to control access to files: man acl. - controlling file attributes: man chattr. - controlling terminals, for example, running a script in a terminal and deleting the terminal as part of that...
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    compile the kernel

    The answer is in the kernel docs at: That file is also in the kernel source tarball. Select one of configuration applications mentioned there, e.g. make menuconfig. Wander through the configuration until you find the drivers that you...
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    Service for system monitoring

    It possible to get ram and cpu usage in many different ways. Here is an example script deriving the outputs from the ps command. It may not be optimally written, but it works: #!/bin/sh #memory used / total memory: echo -n "Used Memory / Total Memory: " free -h | awk '/^Mem:/ {print $3 " / "...
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    how to remove characters between square brackets of file names.

    If there are lots of files to be renamed, the command "rename" is useful. The below commands are on debian using the "rename" command which is actually a perl construction. In the following, 3 different video files are created. "rename" is used with the -n option which just shows what rename...