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    Something I've realized about systemd...

    Well, Nord forced me to move to systemd - I use MX, luckily.:mad:
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    Is it possible to have 2 Operating Systems booted at the same time. 2nd being live from USB stick?

    That's not true. The IBM AS/400 can run the S/36 & S/38 concurrently. It incredibly survives the test of time and the latest incarnation is IBM i.
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    What is the most Private Linux Distro?

    I am running EasyOs 4.0 on my old clunker for a few days now & love it. Current release is 4.1, which boots faster, but I had problem with random freezes. Easy has 'dementia' option - just like Tails. Perfect to face dangerous web sites.
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    Linux on 2013 Mac Desktop - Wish Me Luck

    No, it's a white screen.;) I 'inherit' a 2011 McBook Air from my daughter. After taking an insurance by cloning the HD, I played with it with Antix 21 and it worked ! During booting it kept thinking (white screen) for a long time, I thought of quitting but somehow I got the menu in the end.
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    Garmin Dezl LVG 700 sat nav

    I have more luck with USB 2, Mapsource in Windows 7 (virtualbox). Maybe you also have to download the driver from Garmin here. I have a Dakota and a Nuvi 44 though, but it does not hurt to try.
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    Hi new one here, a struggling new one (SOLVED)

    I read lot of posts like this, and like to have a comment for the good samaritans. Please don't forget the poor souls are dealing with a WINDOWS computer - ask them to run commands like inxi... does not help. This reminds me of my ISP (cheap !) - they do not offer phone support, just chat. Yep...
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    Is this the best backup plan?

    After bad experience with hackers (loss of data), I devise my backup plan as follow: SSD 256G, half for /root, /home and swap, the other half for a backup partition. 1- Occasionally (after a system change) clone /root /home and put the img file on the backup partition. 2- Copy option -rn from...
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    It's only money.

    I operate my desktops with one side panel removed.:)
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    This is not good for Linux, below the OS Security from Intel

    I hope the EU has more clout against them.
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    This is not good for Linux, below the OS Security from Intel

    I don't know when I will buy a new computer. I have 3 desktops and this is the oldest clunker. Swap the HDD for a 50$C SSD and it's as good as new.:)
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    Are we suffering attempted DDoS attacks.

    They practice Bottom Trawling.:mad: Even Puppy got hit. Even Mini Me: A Nobody, Retired Old Man.
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    I decided to place this here - as I need your assistance. We've got a spam problem.

    As for me I had problem with posts genre 'Windows good, Linux bad ...' I once just look at one of them (without signing on, let alone answer it) and got hacked. Luckily I had backups.
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    The reasons why Linux will never go above 2.something% of computer users.

    German state goes Linux - 2021 not 2010 news.
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    Total Newby. My Experience Switching To Linux

    If you are already familiar with Virtual Box, that's easy - just download their OVA then import it. If not then install Virtual Box, play with it for a while. If you have problems, just delete everything and start over again, don't attempt to fix it - that's the beauty of Virtual Box.
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    Total Newby. My Experience Switching To Linux

    Are you willing to try Whonix inside VirtualBox ?:)
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    Do you own a smartphone? Let's talk about smartphones.

    When the outside temperature is 50°C in the shade, it's hard to adapt.:(
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    Do you own a smartphone? Let's talk about smartphones.

    Navigation (Waze) is the reason that I keep one.
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    Old Fart

    New Add bookmark #11 Old farts smell better than new farts... I beg to disagree. Babies smell good, the older they grow , the worse they smell. Law of the Yin/Yang. NB: I am an OF myself.
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    Bitlocker for Linux mint

    I use a very small SSD (128G), all in there - distro, VM, ... are disposable. I keep all important ones (family pictures, music collection ...) on external HDDs that are connected to power bars which are off most of the time - and when they are on, I disconnect the ethernet. The SSD is cloned...