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    @Condobloke @wizardfromoz Guys, I hope you are not in the flood zone. You have made the news up here in the USA tonight. Looks like it will take a while for the water to subside. They did show some sunshine though. Cheers! OG TC
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    SOLVED - Error message in 'C' program

    Hi Guys and Gals, First, my specs. Next up, background. I've been studying the C programming language a little bit. Got the basics down pretty good. Then I went into a sample Poker program and copied the source code. When I tried to compile it with gcc I got this error message: Here's my...
  3. 70 Tango Charlie

    A More Readable, Modern Language Bible

    Good Morning Everyone From Sunny Michigan, USA. For the past several years I have been working on writing my own translation of the Bible. I have used several translations to accomplish this task. It is now complete and I am willing to send anyone a copy of it, free of charge, via email. I do...
  4. 70 Tango Charlie

    Just Saying!

    Good Morning from Michigan! I have been in email contact with a nice lady from Pennsylvania. She has been having problems with her Windows 10 machine. Being the nice guy that I think I am, I decided to try to help out this damsel in distress. After two weeks of looking at screenshots of her set...
  5. 70 Tango Charlie

    Mint Installation Time

    @wizardfromoz @Condobloke @Nik-Ken-Bah @captain-sensible @KGIII @f33dm3bits @JasKinasis @Nelson Muntz @stan @Alexzee Greetings everyone, Please excuse this old man for being extremely excited about a recent encounter with Linux Mint. I downloaded LM 20.1 Mate 64 a few days ago and used Balena...
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    Windows 10

    Hi Everyone, I have a laptop with Win 10 on it. I bought it with the idea of being able to show Windows people how to download and install Linux on their computer and getting rid of Win 10. I just spent better than 2 hours just trying to get rid of all the junk that Win 10 comes loaded with...
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    Name That Place!

    Take a guess where this is at. I have some others that I like as well and will post them when I change again. OG TC PS I love driving, always have.
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    Windows 10

    Hey guys and gals, Tell me now ---- does anyone still use Windows 10? LOL. If they do, how do they get anything done? I've been away from my Win 10 laptop for a while and just went back to check something out. Wow! Took about 45 minutes before I could even begin to start something I wanted to...
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    Shell Scripting

    Hi Guys and Gals, {and all the ships at sea!} Walter Winchell, circa WW-2. I got a little problem that I can't find any answer to. I've been diddling with writing scripts a little bit so am a little familiar with the method of writing, saving, and making them executable. The question I have is...
  10. 70 Tango Charlie

    Learning 'C'.

    @captain-sensible Hey Cap, I learned what you posted to me concerning 'g++' and 'clang'. From what I can tell, those two items are used in 'C++'. I have been trying to learn 'C'. I learned 'gcc' for compiling. That's why those two terms did not ring a bell with me. 'clang' is still beyond my...
  11. 70 Tango Charlie

    Shim-Signed update.

    Hello everyone, I have an update sitting in my update manager called Shim-Signed. Is this thing important to update? So far, I have not done anything with it. It looks like a lot of gobbledy gook to me. Thanks for your help. Old Geezer, Tango Charlie
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    Great Read For New Linuxers

    Greetings Everyone, This is especially for newbies but, I imagine some 'old timers' would gain some knowledge they might not have had before. This book is free to download. Then you can read and digest it at your own pace. When you get to this website take a look around at some of the other...
  13. 70 Tango Charlie

    Printer problem

    Hello Everyone, I started having a problem printing with my HP Office Jet 3830 when the last update driver was installed. Is there a way to revert back to the previous driver which was working fine? Linux Mint 19.3 Old driver was 3.15.7 New one is 3.20.3 Or, is there a way to fix it. It still...
  14. 70 Tango Charlie

    Virtual Box Install Problem

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to install Virtual Box 6.1 on Linux Mint 19.3. While the download went fine, when I went to install it I got the error message about 'dependency not satisfiable', shown in screen shot. I have tried installing the libc6 but must be doing something wrong as per...
  15. 70 Tango Charlie

    Virtual Box

    Hi all, I seem to be having trouble installing Virtual Box on my Linux Mint 19.3 OS. I've attached the INXI screenshot. The download goes fine, but when I go to install it, I get the message about "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libc6 (>=2.28)" I have read about the different install...
  16. 70 Tango Charlie

    Substitute For VM

    @wizardfromoz @Vrai @captain-sensible @Nik-Ken-Bah Hello everyone, I've been thinking quite a bit lately about VMs and have come to this semi-conclusion. Do you have an old cp laying around that you don't use much anymore? You do? Great! Make it your substitute for a VM. By using Gparted you...
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    Relax, and take your time.

    Hello everyone,@wizardfromoz @captain-sensible @Condobloke @Rob @atanere Being a new Linux convert has been a most pleasant and unpleasant experience for me. That might seem like a contradiction, but I assure you that it is not. Let me explain. I'll start with the 'most pleasant' part first...
  18. 70 Tango Charlie

    Format Second Hard Drive

    Hi all, I have an experimental laptop on which I have two hard drives installed. My question is: how to I format one of the hard drives; wipe it completely of all partitions. I want to delete everything that's on it now, and start fresh. It has nothing but empty partitions on it now, as per the...
  19. 70 Tango Charlie

    When you have time.

    @wizardfromoz Wiz, I would like to have a PM with you if that's possible. If it is, please tell me how to go about it. There is no rush - let's wait til your shoulder heals some. Charlie OG TC
  20. 70 Tango Charlie

    How To Dual-boot Linux With Windows 10

    MODERATOR NOTE - THIS THREAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION - FINISHED SOON ______________________________________________________________________________ How To Install Linux Mint to Dual Boot With Windows 10 by Charlie Corder 3-5-2020 This tutorial is demonstrating the installation of Linux Mint 19.3...