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  1. Lord Boltar

    i am not able to verify my linux mint download

    In Windows you have to use the certUtil C:\> certUtil -hashfile C:\file.iso SHA256 or if you have 7-Zip installed in Windows you can use that to get the hash file by clicking on CRC SHA then select SHA256
  2. Lord Boltar

    cloud setup

    Need to check for errors on the wire, look at the "errors" field in the output of ifconfig. If non-zero then there are problems with hardware (cable, NIC card, or hub/switch). An unreliable Ethernet cable will give errors in this field too. you can use ethtool (NOTE you may have to install it)...
  3. Lord Boltar

    cloud setup

    I am seeing NIC Copper link is down - some amount of cooperation with the NIC to effectively track multiple MAC addresses, not all cards do that the same way and some can get you into problems. which is what I think is going on here - you might want to try to create a standard bridge connection...
  4. Lord Boltar

    My laptop keyboard is working fine with windows but it is not working with Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04

    Just wondering if you had any other USB devices plugged in while installing Ubuntu
  5. Lord Boltar

    cloud setup

    Need to check if fwupd-refresh.service is masked or not if it is masked then it is diasabled systemctl status fwupd-refresh.service and post back the output
  6. Lord Boltar

    cloud setup

    Are you using OpenStack? Are you trying to build a Private Cloud? see here -
  7. Lord Boltar

    Buk when shutting down the PC.

    Generally in the BIOS
  8. Lord Boltar

    dummy output - Ubu 22.10 - Please Help, i'm devastated

    Looks like you need to start the PulseAudio service systemctl --user enable pulseaudio then run systemctl --user start pulseaudio If that does not work - 1) Go to the Configuration panel 2) Go to the Starting and Session option. 3) Look for the tab: Startup Apps 4) Check if there is something...
  9. Lord Boltar

    -Linux Funny-

  10. Lord Boltar

    Cannot boot with a live Ubuntu in my LG laptop

    Do you mean InsydeH20 GC-189? Most InsydeH20 BIOS requires an admin password to save the changes when switching it from UEFI to Legacy or any other advanced option, which you create under the Security Tab in the BIOS, make it really simple. My Acer has an InsydeH20 Bios and that is what I had to...
  11. Lord Boltar

    SOLVED: Kill command confusing

    I think IVPN uses UFW Firewall by default, which is the default firewall on almost all Linux OS's you may need to allow the IVPN to pass through the UFW Firewall it may be blocking it so it won't connect - lets try disabling temporarily the UFW Firewall first and see it it connects sudo ufw...
  12. Lord Boltar

    Unable to enable USB live boot option in BIOS/UEFI - Inspiron 3505 - Windows 10 - Already tried disabling FastBoot

    From your photos I see you are using an InsydeH20 Bios - also you have no Admin password set - on InsydeH20 Bios you have to set the Admin password in order to access the Advanced features in the Bios like Secure Boot and setting the boot parameters - I have an InsydeH20 Bios on my Acer Laptop I...
  13. Lord Boltar

    Which email provider do you use and why?

    Multiple accounts and use Thunderbird to access them
  14. Lord Boltar

    SOLVED: Kill command confusing

    It would also help is the name of the VPN you are using - for example to turn the VPN Kill switch off in Nord VPN open the terminal and type in nordvpn set killswitch off
  15. Lord Boltar

    X server not running [SOLVED]

    That is strange how the permissions changed like that - at the moment I am out of ideas :confused:
  16. Lord Boltar

    X server not running [SOLVED]

    Now try sudo Xorg -configure startx
  17. Lord Boltar

    Kali Linux release 2022.3

    Based on Kali's release history I would guess around August / September -
  18. Lord Boltar

    SOLVED: Zorin OS won't start

    Try and remove any Nvidia apps and clean install Nvidia drivers - you may have to enter the shell prompt first - The typical way to drop to a shell is to press Ctrl+Alt+F1 or Ctrl+Alt+Any function key from F1 through F6. This should make your screen go black for a second or two before it...
  19. Lord Boltar

    xdg-open: open newsgroup message

    Did you add the feed to Thunderbird first - Edit-Account Settings-Account Actions- Add Feed Account
  20. Lord Boltar

    network issues for xubuntu in a virtual machine

    Generally in VirtualBox use the NAT interface it uses the connection of the Host machine To create a hotspot have a look Here -