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  1. VP9KS

    Running my Raspberry PI 4B from an external hard drive

    I have been doing some research, and experimentation with my Pi 4, in an attempt to speed things up without overclocking. What I have is the Canakit Raspberry Pi 4 starter MAX kit, which includes a Samsung 64 GB EVO plus micro sd card which came pre-installed with NOOBS. This is a C10 U3 V30...
  2. VP9KS

    raspberry Pi CM4 modules

    I have been looking at the data on the Raspberry Pi CM4 modules, and wanted to try the 8gb model with no EMMC and both Wifi and Bluetooth (The CM4108000), only to find that it does not appear to be available ANYWHERE on the web!:( Whilst researching it however, I discovered this little Gem...
  3. VP9KS

    Raspberry Pi Updates

    One of the things I have enjoyed about the Raspberry Pi is updating from the Command Line Interface, Like in Slackware, but due to problems with not being able to watch youtube videos, I reloaded with the latest version. I did the CLI updates as usual, but while running the browser, I noticed...
  4. VP9KS

    Dual Monitors on PI 4

    When I attached the second monitor to my PI 4, It was a learning experience. It came up with the same display on both monitors, including the task bar. As I moved the mouse, I saw it move on both, as if the new monitor on the left was a mirror image. This somewhat defeated the purpose I had...
  5. VP9KS

    Radioberry pitop board for the raspberry 4

    For all you hams out there with a pi 4, there is a new pi top board called the radioberry. It has a software defined radio onboard. Check out this video for the introduction. This is very exciting. Happy Trails, Paul
  6. VP9KS

    Lost sound on Pi4 after update.

    A few months ago, I lost the sound from the HDMI output of my Pi, after an update. I am using the 4gb Pi4. After much cursing and gnashing of teeth, I rebooted, held down the shift key, and reloaded the noobs version of Raspian. The sound worked fine through numerous restarts, that is until...
  7. VP9KS

    Top of the line Raspberry Pi now comes with 8GB of ram!!!

    Oh yes, boys and girls!! "It continues the quad-core CPU design of the BCM2837, but uses the more powerful ARM A72 core. It has a greatly improved GPU feature set with much faster input/output, due to the incorporation of a PCIe link that connects the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, and a natively...
  8. VP9KS

    Software Defined radio on the Raspberry Pi 4

    while doing some research on Software Defined Radio Control, I was directed to the link below This is a text document with the commands required to install the GNU Radio Companion, and other software in Raspian Buster. I...
  9. VP9KS

    Thumb Drive Problem

    I found an ISO of the Guttenburg project. This one was from about 10 years ago. Since it was an ISO file, I thought of burning it to a Cd, but thought that I would try a thumb drive instead (16GB sandisk Cruzer). Using Mint cinnamon, I set it up just like I would for a Linux ISO. It did not...
  10. VP9KS


    While looking through all my old Hand drawn schematics from the past, I decided it was time to update my procedures. I went back to my previous media, a 18 x 12 inch drawing pad, and took a look at some work I had done on a project called "the Roanoke Doppler" for VHF direction finding. The...
  11. VP9KS

    Does anyone out there, besides me, still use the Basic Stamp?

    Many moons ago, (actually Many, Many, many moons ago) I started experimenting with the basic stamp Microprocessors, and have embedded them in a machine or two, to add functionality, or use a new type of sensor. I have also experimented with them as a hobby.
  12. VP9KS

    Overclocking the Raspberry Pi 4

    In the February 2020 edition (#90) of Magpi Magazine, Page 36, Luci Hattersly introduces the reader to overclocking the pi 4. Since I just happen to have one of the 4GB Pi 4's sitting on my bench, I decided to try it out. The processor is advertised as a 1.5GHZ quad core, but it actually...
  13. VP9KS

    Raspberry pi loses hdmi0 output when audio cable is plugged in

    I finally received all the video adaptors I needed to do the first bootup on my Pi 4. Everything went well until I decided to get the audio up and running. My research showed that I needed the 4 conductor plug, because composit video was on this connector also. So I broke out what I perceived...
  14. VP9KS

    New Hardware

    So I finally bit the bullet and bought a Raspberry Pi. I haven't received it yet, but I plan to use Slackware. Having no experience with arm processors, it should be a hoot. I will try to document my journey in this thread. Film at eleven.:rolleyes: Happy Trails Paul
  15. VP9KS

    Testing Lubuntu (32 Bit) On a Compaq Pressario V5101US

    I ran Lubuntu from the USB drive, and it seemed to work fairly well. I pulled the hard drive, and put in an old one which came from an older laptop. Then I took the plunge, and loaded Lubuntu on it. It seems to work fine, with one tiny problem. When I attempt to watch a video on you tube, I...
  16. VP9KS


    Ok, Here is a new twist to the single board computer craze. Pine64 has a notebook out now, based on the board used in their Pine A64 module. Check it out: The price is only $99.00 US.o_Oo_O What a steal! Hardware: CPU : 1.2GHz 64-Bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 RAM ...
  17. VP9KS

    Your First Computer

    Ok, What was your first Personal Computer? Mine was a Timex-Sinclair ZX81. It had a thin film keyboard, no storage of any kind, and a WHOPPING 1k of ram! The clock speed was 1MHZ!o_O:D:D
  18. VP9KS

    andy v21

    For Ham radio operators out there, you might consider KB1OIQ Andy's Linux. It is available on Sourceforge at It is a remastered version of Ubuntu 14.04LTS. The recommended system would have a 1GHZ CPU, 1GB of memory, and 10-15 GB of drive...
  19. VP9KS


    Anyone out there using Q-TEL in Linux?o_O
  20. VP9KS


    While most Linux distributions come with a vast array of programs right out of the box, sometimes there is a program that you wish to add.. With distributions like say, Mint Cinnamon, this is easily corrected by just going to the Synaptic Package Manager, selecting what you want, and installing...