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  1. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Linux on external SSD

    I may have asked this before so I apologize if this is a duplicate post. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 it is a great laptop except for, yes Windows. I do need Windows for work purposes but I'd love to be able to a a Linux system to use on the Surface Pro. Any suggestions on the best way...
  2. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Dual boot Windows 10 & Manjaro 20

    Good day all, Sadly I have had to start using Windows 10 for work purposes and I want to set up a laptop with separate SSD drives, one with Windows and one with Linux. How feasible is this and can anyone point to any tutorials that describe how to do this?
  3. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Running Software in Wine

    Hello, I am trying to run a specific Windows PC app in Wine on Manjaro KDE Plasma (most recent as it is a new install). Other software that I try to run using Wine is working properly. This particular software gives me this error when installing: Unhandled exception: assertion failed in...
  4. Jeffrey Lapinski

    General Question

    Hello all, I just have a general question: what is or are the major differences between Debian and Debian based distros like Mint, Ubuntu, etc?
  5. Jeffrey Lapinski

    ACPI Error on LG Gram 17 inch when attempting to multiboot

    Here is a link to my initial post concerning this issue A bit of background here: I recently purchased a LG Gram 17 inch and intended to multiboot a few Debian/Ubuntu based distros. I am able to disable secure boot and successfully install and run Mint 19.2 Cinnamon but every time I try to...
  6. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Questions about Timeshift

    I am planning to upgrade my SSD to a 1 TB drive. If I install the same distro on my new SSD will I be able to then load my timeshift to the newly installed OS on my new drive?
  7. Jeffrey Lapinski

    <solved> LG Gram and booting from USB

    I'm having a bit of an issue with a new LG Gram laptop that I just purchased. I was successfully able to nuke WIndows 10 and install LM 19.2 on a 125 GB partition (256 GB SSD) but I am now unable to boot a different distribution from USB. I tried to disable the UEFI and when I do I go to a...
  8. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Kernel Update in Manjaro 18 (KDE & Deepin Eds Only)

    I have a strange situation. I installed the 5.1.1-2 kernel using the GUI tool in Manjaro on my Deepin, KDE, and GNOME editions. Each DE lists the kernel as installed. However, only GNOME gives me the option to load the 5.1 kernel in advanced settings on the GRUB menu. For KDE and Deepin the...
  9. Jeffrey Lapinski

    LAN antenna connections

    Ok, maybe a stupid question... I recently purchased a Lenovo X1 Carbon and I just upgraded the SSD to a 1 TB. The SSD resides right beside the wireless card and when I was putting in the new SSD the antenna wires became disconnected from the card. The wi-fi works but I can tell the signal...
  10. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Manjaro KDE

    To any Manjaro KDE users out there... since a system update a few days ago (2/19/19) system settings won't open? I haven't tried to play around with it yet but I am wondering if anyone else is having issues with opening applications since updating? All of my other Manjaro installs are working...
  11. Jeffrey Lapinski

    7th vs. 8th Gen Intel processors

    I guess they decided that I could still rant!! :D Anyway... I am an average use laptop user, I run Manjaro Linux, I am not a gamer, and I do not do any CPU intense activities (video editing, programming, etc). I am looking at purchasing a Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop. If I get 16 GB RAM and a 256...
  12. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Installing Ubuntu w/ Nvidia GPU

    Hello again... It appears that the ghost of Nvidia refuses to leave me alone. I am preparing to sell my laptop with the Nvidia GPU and I told the prospective buyer that I will install Ubuntu for him. I am again running into the issues with what I think is the Nvidia card/drivers. I hear the...
  13. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Deepin 15.9 vs. Manjaro Deepin 18.02 (w/ Deepin 15.9 DE)

    Just a curiosity, does any one know of differences between the two (other than Arch based vs. Debian based and all the differences that come with that)? I'm really curious to know if the DE functions the same. From what I can see it does but I am wondering if anyone out there may know more,
  14. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Upgrade HDD to SSD

    Hello All, Quick question... I have a dual drive system, a 256 SSD and 1 TB HDD. I want to upgrade the SSD to a 2 TB but upon reviewing a lot of the information available it appears that I need to remove the entire motherboard to get the SSD slot. So, what I am wondering is can I simply upgrade...
  15. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Nvidia Question

    I am running a fresh install of Manjaro 18 KDE and I am trying to figure out exactly which Nvidia driver I am using (if any). I ran the following: [[email protected] ~]$ inxi -G Graphics: Device-1: Intel UHD Graphics 620 driver: i915 v: kernel Device-2: NVIDIA GP107M [GeForce...
  16. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Grub2 issues with multiple Antergos distros

    @Charland brought up Antergos and it’s been a while since I tired playing with it so I tried to load multiple Antergos installs on a back up laptop (#2). I’m able to install them but the grub menu will only allow me to boot the last distro installed. I have to boot into BIOS and manually choose...
  17. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Distos for the visually impaired

    Hello All, I have a friend who is "legally blind" although he is not totally blind and has some vision. I am trying to help him find a Linux distro. A quick search yielded a few hits on Linux for visually impaired but most are quite a few years old. Does anyone know of current...
  18. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Multiboot Question

    What is the best way to install multiple distributions AND set up a shared /home?
  19. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Separate home partitions vs. root partitions only

    So here's the scenario: on my main laptop I am running Manjaro Cinnamon (currently as a the only OS), I do plan to multi boot this laptop in the future but it is not currently a multi boot system. I have a 256 GB SSD. When I installed MNJRO Cinnamon I allotted 30 GB as the "/" partition and...
  20. Jeffrey Lapinski

    How to change the order and the theme in Grub2

    I have a laptop that I have set up as a 6 distro mult-boot. In a nutshell, one distro is Deepin 15.7 and I specifically installed it last so that it would be at the top of the boot menu AND since it adds a really cool theme to Grub. Somehow, Deepin was pushed to the bottom of the list and the...