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    Siri/Alexa for Linux

    This is an article I recently read. So I went ahead and installed it. It's not bad. As good as Alexa at least. It does take a little training and setup. Disclaimer: If you install the gtts part.. then it can send what...
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    The Fedora - Redhat connection

    I always thought everyone knew this, but apparently it's new to some. Most of the newer releases of Redhat are based on an older version of Fedora. (Since Redhat 4 anyway) Now obviously, this goes for alll the Redhat Clones as well. (...
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    FarCry5 on Linux performance This is a Fedora based article, but the stats should apply to just about any Linux distro using the same technologies. It's good to know Linux beats Windows several areas of gaming performance.
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    Convenience vs Security

    This is an age old problem, it's been around long before Linux and computers. Probably thousands of years. But since this is a Linux forum.. I'll try to limit the scope of this. I am reminded about an old castle back in medievel times. It was too much trouble to shut and lock the gate every...
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    Rolling vs Stable

    It seems from time to time, people ask "What's the best distro?". And I like the answer usually given here.The best distro is the one that works for you. There are some distro's that don't work on some hardware I've had in the past. But consider the following. A 3 year old might ride a...
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    RHEL9, Can Rocky Keep up?

    It seems that RockyLinux was a few weeks behind AlmaLinux in releasing 8.5. RockyLinux was about week behind AlmaLinux in releasing 8.6 Redhat EL9 has been out a while now. AlmaLinux has released their "9" version last week. No Rocky 9 yet. Now you might think that a week or two won't really...
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    Microsoft makes 2 versions of CBL LInux? Now of course... because Linux is open source... they give you the source code for...
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    Pretty good Fedora 36 review

    Shows some of the difference between Fedora and other distro's. While this review doesn't give Gnome 4.2 high marks (I agree and avoid Gnome ) it does mention other Fedora spins.
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    Years ago.. back in the stone age... we had other computer CPU companies. It wasn't just AMD and Intel. I've owned computer with Cyrix, Texas Instruments and VIA cpu's in them over the years. Early Macs had Motorola 680x0 CPUs in them. Mac's also used the IBM PowerPC Risc CPUs for a while...
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    Fedora 36 Released
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    AlmaLinux - a different perspective?

    Interesting article -
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    DE pro's and con's. How much resources they use.

    I've seen this before, but kind of forgot about it. I learned a few things. Gnome tales up more RAM than expected (comparitatively) More people use KDE than I would have expected. Interesting to note that lxqt doesn't support HiDPI. It looks like...
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    Fedora 36 Beta Released
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    State of Video in Linux Yes, this is a fedora article, but don't let that detour you. These results should be pretty close for any distro of Linux. These results are impressive and encouraging to say the least.
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    Moving from blueberries to bluemen. Most other distro's already use blueman.
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    fsck for gpt

    It seems like this was asked before, but I can't find the thread. Is there a way to check the filesystems on a GPT partitioned disk? fsck /dev/nvme0nx doesn't work. It says it's not a valid partition.
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    An opinionated history of Linux

    It's funny how certain subjects come up sometimes. A guy I used to work with was over-seas in Jakarta for about 8 years. He just got back about 3 months ago. He was telling me that newer versions of specific distro's are hard to get there. He also says, that even when you can get ahold of them...
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    Fedora Spins

    It seems a lot of people think there is only one version of Fedora. I was talking with a friend and he doesn't use Fedora because he doesn't like Gnome. I told him there were other "spins" available with MATE, Xfce, and KDE. He said he wasn't aware. So for the uninitiated. There is the...
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    AWS moves to Fedora
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    Simple CLI cpu. memory, and process stats.

    I know for a long time, I used "top". But these days I tend to use "glances" and "btop++". I was just curious what do most of you use for quick system stats.