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    Solved!!! I am having some issues getting Linux installed.

    Solved!!! Hello again to KGill and to kc1di. My new computer is a Qotom Onboard CPU: Intel Celeron J1900 Processor, quad core 2.0 GHz, up to 2.42 GHz • HD Video + VGA, dual display. • Dual Gigabit LAN: • DDR3L SO-DIMM & mSATA SSD. Q190S-S02 support 2.5" SATA SSD/ HDD. It has 8 GB of ram There...
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    Peppermint OS Utilities recovery grub> (boot repair needed)

    I fixed my older computer by finally "finding" a distro that would crash upon install so I could find out what was wrong. I did boot repair and voila, I have a computer that works like it was 2012. This computer (my new one) didn't work as well with that method. The boot problem on this...
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    Hi. I am joining you from Vancouver, BC . \ I made the move to Linux in 2011. While I had Windows, if something went wrong, I called Greg. With Linux, I have successfully dealt with every problem that came along with the exception of mounting my external hard drive - still can't do that. I was...
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    Boot repair

    Boot Repair
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    How to mount my USB external storage drive.

    Hello While I am not brand new to Linux. I feel that way so am posting here. After upgrading Ubuntu, my external drive won't mount. On my new computer, I just installed MX Linux. It won't mount there either. If I need to transfer files, I will need to use the Ubuntu machine due to data size...