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    nginx file downloading

    Help! rate:200kb/s file downloading from my nginx server. url: version: 1.20.2 Why not Mb/s or faster? Configuration default! Thank you !
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    Does a holefile take up disk space?

    I touched a holefile using the truncate function,the length of file is 1G. however,df command does not show as old space usage - 1G, it does not chang at all. Could anybody make it clear? Thank you!
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    SSH Security of Centos System

    I've closed port 22 by firewall-cmd,why hackers could hack into my server through port 22? They are trying<_<.My control panel shows that! And someone succeeded! How can I stop these guys? Best Wishes!
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    Identical laptop's ip seen from Different servers

    I use my laptop log in different vps by ssh,while the last ip in /var/log/secure differs a lot, Could sb help me? Thank you!
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    Why parent and son not mixed?

    int main(){ 4 pid_t pid = fork(); 5 int i; 6 setbuf(stdout,NULL); 7 if(pid == 0){ 8 for(i = 0;i < 10;i++){ 9 printf("AA"); 10 } 11 sleep(1); 12 exit(0); 13...