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  1. MatsuShimizu

    RSS Readers: Follow online news without social media

    If you want to catch up with the latest tips, videos and news, using RSS feed reader is the best method. You don't need to use social media anymore. Below are some of the best RSS Readers from my experience. Note: If you don't know what RSS readers are, they are programs to collect news and...
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    Why complaining is bad for your brain + Solutions

    Factcheck from Google. For details, refer to link m1psychology [3] below: Jack Canfield (born August 19, 1944) is an American author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur. - Wikipedia From psychology website, VeryWellMind [1]: As you focus more on minimizing your...
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    The new Firefox 95 might be the most secure web browser on the market - TechRepublic From TechRepublic: This time around, the developers have released Firefox 95, which includes a new subsystem, called RLBox. RLBox is a new method of sandboxing, which makes it easy to...
  4. MatsuShimizu

    A German state plans to start using Linux replacing Microsoft Windows - ITSFOSS Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost German state that has planned to switch to open-source solutions in its administration and schools. And, it is not about a couple of systems; as per the report by The Document Foundation, all 25,000 PCs...
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    Video: How DuckDuckGo privacy extension works to protect your privacy

    Demo video: How this extension blocks Google Analytics Download links for DDG extension: Firefox | Chromium | Github About DuckDuckGo Is DDG a bad search engine? Not really. Its privacy policy is A rating, and then based on my quick search on Flagfox, DuckDuckGo IP is from Ireland. Just...
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    Leaked Documents Expose Facebook - Coldfusion, The Guardian

    Video sources are from The Guardian, Privacy Affairs and more. For full list of sources, check out the video description on Youtube. One of the sources is this news: From The...
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    Chrome 94’s new feature to monitor users. Switch to Firefox - ITSFoss The new Google Chrome 94 launches what is known as the ” Idle Detection API “, or inactivity detection API . This API is able to detect developers when a user is inactive in the browser, indicating, for example, the lack of interaction with...
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    Interesting video about Jeff Bezos from Amazon - ColdFusion

    Sources for the above video: Rob Braxman Tech, The Guardian, Forbes and more. Check out the video description on Youtube for direct links.
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    Canonical Extends Support of Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 to 10 Years From OMG Ubuntu: Canonical says both releases will get an extended 10 years of support from their original release date, up from the 5 years originally provided. The commitment brings the older...
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    Former Malware Distributor Now Owns ExpressVPN - Restore Privacy Summary from the link above: Before 2018, Kape Technologies was called Crossrider and it was an infimous player in the malware industry. You can still find numerous articles about Crossrider’s...
  11. MatsuShimizu

    In-depth tutorial: How to set up 2FA TOTP with KeepassXC, Aegis and Authy.

    I have wanted to write this tutorial for more than 2 months now, but just don't have time to do it before this. Glad I could finish it this week. In case you didn't know, KeepassXC is an open-source, cross-platform password manager but it can also be used as a 2FA app. Once I use KeepassXC as...
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    Apple Faces A Privacy Breach Lawsuit - Fossbytes Excerpt from the news: After Google and Alexa, Apple’s Siri has also come under fire for allegedly collecting users’ voice data without their permission. The American tech giant is facing a lawsuit that accuses it of secretly listening to...
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    Videos: Vivaldi 4.1 - Features, Tutorials And How Tos

    Vivaldi is a cross-platform browser with lots of useful functions and features. Video and how tos: Full article from the Vivaldi blog: Useful feature: Add and use a new search engine on Vivaldi For example, if you...
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    Firefox 91 released as the New ESR Series

    Features: - Simplified printing feature for a clutter-free print preview page. Instructions here on the Mozilla website. - HTTPS-First policy for Private Browsing windows. Read more here on the Mozilla website - Those of you who have Firefox installed from your distro’s repositories will have to...
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    Tails 4.20 Anonymous OS Released with Brand-New Tor Connection Assistant

    News and credit to the author:
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    Firefox 90 released - What's New

    News, download link and screenshot from the article below: Related news from Mozilla:
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    Android Apps with 5.8 million Installs Caught Stealing Users' Facebook Passwords

    This is just for educational purposes only.
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    Q4OS 3.15 Release Based on Debian 10.10

    Q4OS Trinity is a lightweight Linux distro based on Debian. I just try this version myself on a VM. It is too early to give my personal review, but here's the news, download links, early review. Make sure to verify the...
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    Pop!_OS 21.04 With New ‘COSMIC’ Desktop
  20. MatsuShimizu

    Tutorial: How to Install Ubuntu on a USB Flash Drive

    Just read a blog post from Linoxide today. I think it is worth sharing.