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    built in cam and mic not showing anything

    hi everyone, when I go on to anything that uses mic or webcam, whether it's OBS, Zoom, or Cheese, my mic seems to catch no sound and when my webcam is recognized it shows a feed of a black screen. i've made sure that there is nothing obstructing the lens. does anybody have any ideas about...
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    see file details when right clicking (example, for mp4)

    hello all, I'm in Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia. I'm trying to just right click on an mp4 file to see the details, such as Frame width, frame height, frame rate, all that stuff. On my Windows machine I used to have, I recall that when I'd right click on it, it would allow me to go to "properties"...
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    custom math keyboard layout and toggle quickly between it and regular layout

    hi everyone. I have a small laptop without a 10-key and i have a lot of studying I need to complete. in this studying, i'll need to do lots of numbers and math stuff mostly in spreadsheets but also will need to type out lots of verbal things as well. i'm incredibly lazy and like to minimize...
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    close all application from all workspaces and save everything that needs saving?

    Hi everyone, is it possible to type something into the terminal to achieve this? this would be a time saver for me because I have a different workspaces for all my different subjects that i like to have on my computer, and I typically leave everything open all the time but like to close...
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    open a libreoffice calc file directly from the terminal?

    Hi everybody. I'm just very recently starting to get some very basic experience with the terminal and it's very exciting!! I'm trying to use it more so that I can get more experience. Is there a way I can use the terminal to open a file (in this case, a libreoffice .ods spreadsheet file)...
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    can't install Libre Office

    Hello people. when I try to install Libre Office, I get the message "could not open- archive type not supported". Attached is a screenshot. Does anybody know what the problem is? Background info: My Thinkbook actually came with Libre Office already installed with version However I...
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    How to change one key to another?

    Hello. I'm by no means a coder or anything like that. And I would just like to know the simplest way possible to change one key to another, for example like if I theoretically wanted to change the "y" key to tho "u" key. Is there a super simple way to do this in Linux? thank you,