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  1. carlarogers

    Search for \" As Rogue Delimiter in csv file

    I have a few csv files containing about 2 million records. Between the commas delimiting fields, strings can be enclosed in double quotes. Unfortunately, a few hundred records use \" to delimit end of a string. At the command line, I can find the \" sequence with grep -r '\\''\"' . How...
  2. carlarogers

    Hypothetically, If Only One Could be available, Which One?

    Even even if this crazy situation could happen, It could only happen for a moment. If a moment ever came or only one copy of Linux or UNIX was available, it would only be a few minutes before a new version would be available fashion from the first . Let's just say the situation is only one copy...
  3. carlarogers

    Python Installation

    How does Python determine where it looks for components to install? $ (venv) pip install django Collecting django Using cached Collecting pytz (from...
  4. carlarogers

    Is there a problem running Composer 2.x on Debian 10?

    I guess there must be a reason Debian 10 with latest updates installs Composer as version 1.8.6. Is it safe to assume that means Composer 2.x on Debian 10 will have problems?
  5. carlarogers

    sql_mode in phpmyadmin with mariadb

    mysql is one of the best things that ever happened to me. When I started out in this line of work, I wanted to get a copy of Oracle, which at that time was a word that meant "serious relational database, not a toy," on my computer so I could see it and someday get paid for being able to run...
  6. carlarogers

    Setting up Debian 10 on Windows 10

    I have been running Debian as a virtual system on a mac for years, through several versions., using VMWare Fusion on MacOS. Now I need to setup Debian 10 on Windows 10 at my home. Last I checked, there were only a few huypevisors I needed to consider. Ircall VirtualBox and other that was...
  7. carlarogers

    sql_mode for Mariadb on Debian 9 (Stretch)

    The information on how sql_mode is supposed to be set does not seem to conform to what my system does. OBJECTIVE: Permanently set sql_mode sql_mode = 'NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION' APPROACH: Put the following statement into one of the config files for Mariadb, that is read...
  8. carlarogers

    Boot Taking Long Time, Stuck for All I Know

    Booting Debian 10 vm as guest under VMware Fusion on MacOS. I have searched and not found much relevant information. I am hoping you can help me figure out what is going on and whether there is anything I can or need to do besides wait. Console looks like this for the last 30 minutes...
  9. carlarogers

    Debian Virtual Machine Lost SSH

    CANNOT Connect With SSH Debian server running as virtual machine under VMWare Fusion with MacOS as the host. It has been working great for years, through upgrades. I have no idea why anything changed, it was working fine last time I started it up 12 hours ago. I did not notice any problems...
  10. carlarogers

    What does SMP Stand for with Regard to Squid?

    Ten google searches, fail to find. o_O:eek::oops::rolleyes::( I found a definition, sort of: What does SMP stand for? Squid Multi Process?
  11. carlarogers

    Squid/Anonymous Proxy Feasibility Check

    Before smacking my head on the complications/specifics of setting up a proxy with Squid, I would like to request a sanity check on my plan. I am not asking any detailed questions at this point, I am just trying to validate the feasibility of my plan. My objective is to run the internet...
  12. carlarogers

    Language A vs. Language B

    Over the last several years, I have noticed some programming languages are safer than others when it comes to expressing opinions. I think everyone knows Python is superior to php for example. I am looking for help seeing the plain truth of this, as opposed to taking someone's word for it. I...
  13. carlarogers

    Is My Computer Broken?

    I cannot understand this behavior that comes up at the end of a sequence that makes sense until this happens. The server seems to assign a value from no where. I know this looks like a lot of stuff, but it is pretty simple. I am forming commands, putting them into a file to run, but then a...
  14. carlarogers

    Certain Post Keeps Getting Flagged for Moderator Attention

    Hi, I understand that being new triggers extra attention on my posts. One of my posts keeps getting flagged when I edit it, saying it has to be approved by a moderator. I don't know which of my many offenses is triggering the moderaton. If you could let me know, I would be very pleased to...
  15. carlarogers

    Something Like .profile or .bashrc Inside chroot

    I have been running Linux, mostly Debian, as part of my job for a few years, but I am not formally trained in the system. I have setup chrooted directories a few different ways. They seem to be functioning the way they are supposed to. Unfortunately, there is a basic requirement I am stumped...