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  1. Jarret B

    Bash 02 – Variables and Such

    Yes. Sometimes, if some things do not work correctly, try adding another set of parenthesis. The outer parenthesis work with 'echo' and the inner are working with the arithmetic function.
  2. Jarret B

    VirtualBox Explored (Part 1)

    Many people that use VirtualBox, at some point come across a problem they have not encountered before. In this article, I want to cover as many issues that may arise and how to fix them. This may be hum drum to some, but I’m sure there may be some tidbits in here that can be useful. The first...
  3. Jarret B

    Finding System Information in Linux

    Many people at some point may need to find specific information about their system. There are many ways to get specific information about your system, but some may take a while to remember or look up the command. In this article, I want to cover a program called ‘inxi’, which helps get all the...
  4. Jarret B

    LFCS – Network Time Protocol (NTP)

    We covered the Network Time Protocol Daemon a little in the article ‘’, as well as in ‘’. This article will go a little deeper and...
  5. Jarret B

    BASH 07 – Command-Line Options

    Some scripts and programs can take options from the command line. These can be very specific for the operation of a program or script. There are two ways to handle options: placement or parameters. Placement We covered placement options before, but let’s look a little closer to see how this...
  6. Jarret B

    Power supply voltage output query

    The power supply voltage may be just a standard power supply that they did not want to have to make a special one for the laptop. The laptop may step down the voltage. For in a car running off of the power supply, look for an inverter. One end has a cigarette lighter connection. The other...
  7. Jarret B

    Stream Music from Linux to Google Home

    Ah, the perfect use!
  8. Jarret B

    Bash 05 – Script Logic

    The 'or' using the double-pipe '||' runs the second command if the first one fails. It is a sort of backup command or a cleanup command to handle the first command failing.
  9. Jarret B

    LFCS – Network Hostname

    We have gone over hostnames in previous articles, but we are going to cover it again. We’ll also be covering hostname resolution for CentOS7 and Ubuntu 18.04. Trust me, this one was difficult to get resolved (no pun intended). A hostname is a simple name used to represent a device on a network...
  10. Jarret B

    KOMOREBI - Active Desktop Wallpaper

    Komorebi (koh-moh-rey-bee) is Japanese for the light that filters through the leaves of the trees. This can paint a beautiful picture in the imagination. What Komorebi is, is a program to allow for active desktop wallpaper. Which means you can have wallpaper that is visually interactive. Moving...
  11. Jarret B

    Linux: Finding Files

    When using any Operating System (OS), it is sometimes necessary to find files. Some commands we’ll cover in this article will look for specific types of files. Others will look for any file in specific places and one will show you the explanation of a command. These can be very useful for Linux...
  12. Jarret B

    BASH 06 – While Loops

    We previously covered other methods for dealing with logical structures to control the flow of the code. In this article, we will cover another method to repeat code until some value is false. A While Loop allows the code to loop ‘while’ a value is true. Once the value is false, the loop stops...
  13. Jarret B

    Windows 11 Gaming in VirtualBox

    I know most of you may see the title and think, ‘Not again!’. This install is an un-bloated version of Windows 11 that has minimal requirements for hardware. One that runs very well in VirtualBox and allows some higher end software to run smoother. Now, I hope I have your attention. But, you...
  14. Jarret B

    LFCS – Kerberos Authentication (Ubuntu)

    Kerberos is an authentication method which helps improve security between systems. For systems that need to access another, such as Secure Shell (SSH), Kerberos is a great way to keep the connection secure. If you have read the previous article on Kerberos Authentication with CentOS, this will...
  15. Jarret B

    Stream Music from Linux to Google Home

    If anyone has a Google Hub device of some sort, they know how handy they can be for getting information when you ask a question. But there is another use that most people may not be aware of doing. Streaming music, not only to one speaker, to many. Personally, I have six Google Home Devices...
  16. Jarret B

    Bash 05 – Script Logic

    Probably the most important aspect of scripting is using logic operators to control the flow of the script. Sometimes a script needs to do more than run each command in order from the beginning to the end of the script. There are many times when you need to control the flow of a script to allow...
  17. Jarret B

    Home Streaming Server

    I wanted to keep it simple as well as make it so users can make a simple file-sharing system on their network. Using SSH is a lso a plus to learn.
  18. Jarret B

    Big Sur (11.06) on Linux

    I've been messing around with Big Sur again. I didn't do the update, but the rest worked fine. I do know on a Core-i3 with 8GB of RAM dedicated to the virtual machine, it is laggy. I'm trying to find an alternate method of making macOS run. If I figure anything out, I'll get an article on it out.
  19. Jarret B

    LFCS – Kerberos Authentication (CentOS7)

    Kerberos is an authentication method that can assign a user a ‘ticket’ after the first sign-on. Once a user has entered a correct password, then they are granted a ‘ticket’ to allow connection again without a password. The key thing to remember is that the ‘ticket’ expires after a certain amount...
  20. Jarret B

    DVD and Blu-Ray Conversion

    For many users, you may have a need to make a digital copy of a DVD or Blu-ray to view on your system. Viewing can be done remotely if you make a DLNA Server, as I covered in the article ‘Home Streaming Server’. The problem with making a digital copy from most discs is that they incorporate...