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    Grub Login Not Working, USBs Not Recognized & Error 102 on SDA via GParted

    Been a rough year so my recall on what started or contributed to this is sketchy. I had Mint Cinnamon installed, updated to Uma and then uninstalled, I think. I believe I downloaded a Linux and installed only to realize it wasn't Mint. All was well as I recall. Then I installed some security...
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    System slow & locking up, esp when surfing web w too many tabs open

    Based on another post I ran these 2 commands at the terminal: inxi -Fnx and then journalctl -a -p err I don't stay current on my techie stuff lately due to a messy year so far. Thanks for any help you can provide. ---------results from inxi -Fnx------------------ System: Host...
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    Low disk space on “Filesystem root”, partitans & .Private Used

    Months ago I created partitions, installed Mint, fiddled with the partitans more and had issues such as: having a small partition which I couldn't shrink or move into another because of proximity, some how I set up encryption, when logging into the original solo boot of Windows I elected to...