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    hp 100e (solved)

    I bought a old laptop off of ebay. It is a old hp 100E school computer. It has a atom cpu with 2gb memory. It only takes a 1gb or 2gb memory. So i got the maximum memory in it. The cpu is one core two threads. it came with windows 7 32bit starter and i looking for a version of linux that will...
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    network 2.0 usb server

    I bought a network 2.0 usb server. My linux won't find it and my windows computer won't find it on the network. I seem not to find it online. I don't know who makes it or got a driver cd or manual with it. I search for 3 hours online and can't find who makes it or fine drivers for it. When i...
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    Message I get every time I shut down (Solved)

    I get this message every time I shut down or restart my computer. There is no update download. I running deepin os version 20.6. I wrote to deepin support and got no answer.
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    cloud setup

    On my sever i install cloud sever on my sever. How do i set i up to use it. I am using ubuntu sever. I don't know if it's not setup is the reason the network configuration fails on startup. I can log in from another computer and look at files from my home computer using filezilla at home. I...
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    IP address(solved)

    I am running Ubuntu server. How do I set the IP address so it uses the same on on each restart. Right now if I restart it or shut it down I may not get the same IP address. Other then that I got everything working on it. I use FileZilla to access it. Because windows 11 or 10 can never find it...
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    Toshiba windows table Solved

    I have a old toshiba encore 2 wt8-b tablet. it only has 1gb of memory and a 4 core atom cpu. i like to put linux on it. Is there any linux out the that will run on something with 1gb of memory? It been a good little tablet but with windows 10 ending in a few years i like to put linux on it just...
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    Google chrome help

    I am running unbuntu Linux. Every time I open up google chrome after I startup the computer. It keeps asking me for the password before it will startup chrome. Is there a way to set it up where it won’t ask for a password before google chrome starts up?
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    hp laptop video problem Solved

    Hello i have a hp 15 laptop with a amd R3 cpu and radeon vega mobile graphic card. i running ubuntu 20.04 LTS. For some reason the screen will start to flash. it will go bright the did it a lot before i download the amd linux drivers. But now it seems to do it if you got a lot of windows...
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    installing linux (solved)

    I have a HP 19 all in one computer. I am trying to install POP! OS on it. It will boot up for the usb drive to install it but once i get to 70% of system configuration it will stop and tell me there was a problem installing and askes me to try again. But it does the same thing. I did everything...
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    linux for imac

    Do they make linux for a 2011 imac with a intel cpu and 8gb memory. I want it where i can install it without the macos on it. I do thanks for the help i get.