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    Change user without password - pam.d

    Hello, how can i optimize this code for multiple users : for exp if i have 3 users : postgresAG postgresBE postgresAYD what should i write in user ? auth [success=ignore default=1] user = postgresAG auth sufficient use_uid user ingroup postgres
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    Centos - Extended disc

    Hello, I have an issue i extended my disk from virtual box but when i user lsblk i dont see the extention of the sdc disk what should i do tu get the space that i added in vsphere?
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    CentOS /var full

    Hello, I face an issue with the /var full, inodes : /dev/mapper/rootvg-var_lv 512000 3908 508092 1% /var we have 2Gb almost full /dev/mapper/rootvg-var_lv 1.9G 1.6G 169M 91% /var /var/.. 87024 ./log 86096 ./lib 66744 ./lib/rpm...
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    Files permissions

    Hello, how to give all new file specific permissions in a folder. For exp i have a folder /myfiles and all new files created in this folder will get 775. Kind regards,
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    CentOS LV bug at 100%

    Hello, I have an issue about an LV that bug on 100% even if a delete files so when i did a reboot the problem is solved and the lv is at 13%, my question is can fix the issue without reboot there something that can initialize the LV or rescan and fix LV issue without reboot ? Kind regards
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    Podman - Failed to connect to bus

    Hello, i have Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory when i run systemctl --user daemon-reload loginctl enable-linger user // root from user podman pull docker:// podman images podman run -dt --name rsyslog rsyslog systemctl --user daemon-reload ==>Failed...
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    Linux - Repo

    Hello I have a question about repo in centos/red hat distro i created the base.repo it doesnt work should i use something else or config-manager --add-repo= ? I cant ping the repo nor install packages What i did [baseos] name=CentOS baseurl= gpgcheck=0...
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    SELinux - context

    Hello, Can someone explain to me this question : Create a directory /direct01 and apply SELinux contexts for /root what should i do ? Kind regards,
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    Wget oracle rpm download

    Hello, How can i download with wget an rpm file from this link on centos or how can i have the repo of oracle to install it with yum / dnf command kind regards,
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    Arithmetic operation

    How can echo this in fload format using expr #!/bin/bash var=`expr \( 1 + 2 \) / 4` echo $var result = 0
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    ENV - PS1

    Hello i have a question, when i export PS1="<$LOGNAME in $PWD>" source .bashrc /home/user cd /etc </home/user> again even if i change the directory but if i export PS1="<$LOGNAME in \$PWD>" source .bashrc /home/user cd /etc </etc> it update the PWD in the OUTPUT Can someone explain me this plz
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    vi - E488 trailing characters - CentOS

    Hello, I have an issue, i created a file ~/.vimrc and i added set number set list but when i comment the : #set list and i want to open a file with vi i have E488 trailing characters its like he didnt accepte the comment # How can i solve the issue ?
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    launch a script at every reboot

    Hello, How can i launch or execute a script at every reboot Kind regards,
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    CentOS - gdisk and parted

    Hello, i have a question why when i use gdisk to create a partition of 20 Go when i do lsblk i found 20 Go But when i user parted to create it mkpart 1 0 20GB when i user lsblk i found 18.6 Go How can i get the same space with parted thx in advance
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    booting the system into emergency mode with SELinux disabled

    Hello, I have a question : --Reset root User Password As root on server reset the root user password by booting the system into emergency mode with SELinux disabled. Try to log in with root and enter the new password after the reboot. Should i disable it and the reboot and boot with emergency...
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    CMD man

    Hello, How can i get help for : dnf module group .... the man dnf its give a lot of information can i for exp have : dnf module --help or something Thx in advance
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    Extend disk

    Hello, I extended my virtual Disk to 800G (sda) and i wanna extend the (sda1) from 200 to 300G without deleting and recreate it because i have vgs pvs and data on it ? How can i do that ? Kind regards,
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    Create Alias for Sudoers

    Hello, How can i create alias for sudoers for exp alias vi=vim because when i exec : sudo vi file i want it to be colored without using vim file There is a line that i can i add for this alias alias vi=vim in sudoers file ? or any other solution Kind regards,
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    GTK Error

    Hello, I'm using RHEL minimal installation, i installed gvim / gedit btu when i use it : gvim/gedit file I got an error message : gedit:1320: Gtk:Warning **: ....: cannot open display or with gvim : E233: cannot open display How can't i fix this issue I installed developement tools = NOK...
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    Official RedHat Wallpapers

    Hello, Where can i find official RHEL 8 wallapapers ? Kind regards,