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  1. kc1di

    deb-get for third party apps

    I posted this before but with mint 21 out thought it might be of interest again to some people. deb-get is a nifty little tool that allows installing 3rd party apps just like they would be installed if they were native apps. It will work on all Ubuntu and derivative distros, including Mint. Was...
  2. kc1di

    How to upgrade to Mint 21

    Clem has released the upgrade instructions for those wishing to upgrade their version of Mint to version 21. If your running Version 20.3 go Here. If an older version of Mint go here: My personal preference is to do a complete fresh install of a new major version. But to each their own.
  3. kc1di

    Linux Mint 21 released

    For those who follow Linux Mint Version 21 final has been release. XFCE for now other DE's to follow shortly.
  4. kc1di

    Linux Mint 21 beta has been released

    Linux Mint 21 beta has been released for those brave testers. Other Desktop also available.
  5. kc1di

    Pottering Lands at M.S.

    I Believe it was @KGIII that first broke the news that Pottering was leaving Redhat. But can't find that thread now. For those interested He indeed has Left Redhat for Mircosoft. What this might means to Linux (systemd) I'm not sure. seems He's been doing work for M.S. for awhile while still...
  6. kc1di

    Interesting for those that modify or play with the Linux Kernel.

    Rust coming to Linux Kernel soon?
  7. kc1di

    Very sneaky Malware

    Malware that you may want to know about. Dangerous especially to Servers and networks.
  8. kc1di


    For those who would like to check out what Unity DE look like today. People either seem to love it or hate it.
  9. kc1di

    Handy tool for Ubuntu and derivatives

    For those that use 3rd party programs on ubuntu /Mint this is a neat terminal tool that can make the job of installing programs like chrome and other programs not normally in the Ubuntu/ Mint repository easier. deb-get Here's a list of what's available: [email protected]:~$ sudo deb-get...
  10. kc1di

    Informative interview from TechRepublic

    I found this interesting. A good read. I see all the time on the various forums I've been part of, that linux does not have market share because of this or that problem. We had just such a thread on this forum last week. I think this perspective is off and like the way it's presented here...
  11. kc1di

    Mint announces New Upgrade tool.

    For those who can't stand using the terminal here's some news from the Mint team that should be of help.
  12. kc1di

    Bug reported in 21.04 Kubuntu.

    Those using Kubuntu 21.04 may want to be aware of this bug. You can temporarily get around it a couple of ways. 1. install gnome-system-updater 2. install synaptic and update via that. 3 Of course there is always the terminal :)
  13. kc1di

    New Peppermint Distro released.

    New version of Peppermint OS has been released for those interested, First new release in 2 years. Now based on Debian 11 instead of Ubuntu.
  14. kc1di

    New/old threat you need to be aware of.

    There was another security alert yesterday. See here for details. But this could be a very bad one and I may be looking to find a distro without Systemd after all. Just be careful and be informed.
  15. kc1di

    Mint 20.3 should be available soon!

    For those who follow Linux Mint development. Good news I received an upgrade notice today and am currently upgrading my Mint machine to version 20.3. That mean the official release is not far off. Enjoy!
  16. kc1di

    Mint 20.3 beta available

    For those who may be interested Mint 20.3 beta has been release for testing. 20.3 final is expected before Christmas. You can get beta from here.
  17. kc1di

    Slackware 15.0 RC2 has been released

    For those interested Slackware 15.0 RC2 has been released. Find it here. Slackware
  18. kc1di

    Another new Desktop coming soon?

    PopOS (System 76) Engineer Michael Murphy announced on redit that they are working on a new DE developed apart from gnome. Read more here if interested. New D.E.
  19. kc1di

    Browser reviews

    Distro Watch weekly had a review of Browsers this week that some might find interesting.
  20. kc1di

    KDE Desktop turns 25!

    For those like me who have followed the progress of KDE/Plasma you will be happy to know that It's turning 25 today!