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    Need help getting past Facebook Two-Factor without a phone

    Since I don't have a mobile phone I haven't bothered enabling Facebook's Two-Factor authentication. Today I went online for the first time in almost 4 weeks and now I can't get on Facebook. I've tried searching for videos and articles on how to circumvent the need for a mobile phone to...
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    How to edit text on the command line

    How do I edit text on the command line? I know how to find previous commands from the bash_history file using ctrl-R, and I know how to move to the beginning and end and one word left/right using ctrl-leftarrow/rightarrow. But what more things can I do to the text on the command line? I...
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    [SOLVED] Installing Edge browser aborts

    I have downloaded microsoft-edge-stable_97.0.1072.76-1_amd64.deb and I try and run it. It aborts with this error message: An unhandlable error occured There seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon, the software that allows you to install/remove software and to perform other package...
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    I have no phone but want to register a Telegram account

    I have been trying for two years with no success. I have a laptop which I can connect to the Internet via free wifi when I visit public libraries etc. I have been attempting to follow various instructions which I have found on the web as well as YouTube videos, including connecting with sites...
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    Recovering files/directories from broken tarballs

    I have several large uncompressed tar files (10 -70 GB) that have become corrupted. Their life process has been creation on my laptop -> splitting into 4 GB .tar.part* -> copy onto USB stick -> uploaded on a different PC to a cloud service -> then the reverse process. Since these files are...
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    Removing and reinserting USB stick makes file 0 byte

    I have been experiencing some instances where one of the files I have downloaded to the 32 GB USB stick are turned into a 0 byte file. I only now clearly identfied it happening. Even when I attempt to re-download, the same thing happens when the USB stick is removed and reinserted. Refreshing...
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    Looking for archiving software that can do no compression and output to multiple files of certain size [SOLVED]

    I have a couple of apps that can be used from the file manager which do have the option of archiving to multiple files of certain size, engrampa being one. The issue is that these compress by default. As I am archiving a directory structure of media files containing more than 50 GB compressing...
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    Advice on partitioning scheme for dual distros on older laptop

    I have a 9 year old laptop with 475 GB HD and would like some general suggestions on how to allocate partition space on the hard disk. I would like as much space as possible for storing media files. The dual combo I am leaning towards running is Linux Mint and EndeavourOS. I would also like...
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    Fixing Mint partition with GParted [CHANGED TITLE]

    Following step-by-step the instructions at I get an error at section 5. The partition (containing Mint 19.3) that I am trying to fix is at /dev/sda8. As I read the instruction I shall then enter...
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    How do I import browser configs from different distro?

    I have had to install Ubuntu 20.04LTS since my Mint 19.3 wouldn't boot. How can I copy all the config files, including bookmarks, passwords, etc. for my browsers (Firefox, Brave) from the Mint partition to the Ubuntu partition?
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    Problem installing Celluloid [SOLVED]

    I have been using Celluloid to watch videos, but because my Linux Mint 19.3 won't boot I have installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS but it came without Celluloid. I didn't find Celluloid in the Ubuntu Software app. When I try installing from and...
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    Problem installing software [SOLVED]

    I want to install yt-dlp which is a spin-off of youtube-dl. I downloaded the "UNIX-like" file, yt-dlp (2.2 MB) to my home directory. But when I try and run it I get $ yt-dlp yt-dlp: command not found What am I doing wrong?
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    How should I clean up my laptop?

    I got a laptop from 2013 last year which had Windows 10 on it. I wanted to run Linux which I have had some experience with and installed Linux Mint 19.3 with a dual boot. Now I want to get rid of Windows and perhaps combine the several partitions, the largest two being NTFS. Since most of my...