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  1. Resakra


    Hi everyone, I had some useful documents on but their server is now down for a while. Anyone knows if they migrated to a new website or any suggestion for a similar website?
  2. Resakra

    Assign static IP address

    I asked my isp for static IP address and they provided me one with (compromised) folllowing info: Ip: 4x.xx.10x.x DG: 4x.xx.10x.x DNS 1: DNS 2: I have tried to edit netplan file manger from this one, which is almost blanked: to this one, meanwhile minding the...
  3. Resakra

    Linux certifed professionals

    I am willing to get a Linux certificate, have been in some basic online courses. I wanna gradually approach to change my job to information security sector. Since I'm coming from another feild of engineering, being "Linuxian” certified would make things much easier! KLPC is not delivering...
  4. Resakra

    Career advice

    Hello my friends! I am not sure if this forum is the right one to ask but I start here. Please let me know if this thread has to be moved to another forum. I am willing to change my career gradually, have worked now couple of years as a lead electronic engineer, but am really obsessed with...
  5. Resakra

    Guest addition/Higher resolution

    Good evening everybody! Trying to get higher resolution of my VB and to activate insert guest addition cd image does not work: unable to insert the optimal disc sudo apt install virtualbox-guest utils or virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 or virtualbox-ose-guest-dkms throws an error of Unable to locate...
  6. Resakra

    iso file

    Hi Folk! I made an iso file of ubuntu at a usb to use it for "try ubuntu" mode or to install on VM, just in case. Now after a week this iso image splited to many file and subfolder, not a unique iso file anymore, so I m not able to use it for my Virtualbox . This happens everytime I download...
  7. Resakra

    sda1 missing

    Hi all :) I ve attempt to resize windows 10, went no good then attemped to delete it from a dual boot system win10/ubuntu and managed to mess up with GRUB :p Here is where I am: Minimal BASH like line editing is supported GRUB Error In Linux trying to fix this but see sda1 and 2,3,4 are missing...
  8. Resakra

    hello from stockholm!

    I am new here and appreciate to be accepted in this valuable community. Almost new to Linux , python and html. It happens to be in need of sort a local help sometimes and that I hope to get connected with, because some circumstances are locally applicable. Hope we can have a good time here...