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    Virtual Box ERROR

    After trying to run Open SUSE on Virtual box got this error.
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    How do you use ruby on VS Code (linux)?

    How do you use ruby on VS Code (linux)?
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    How do you delete touch screen driver?

    My touch screen has been creating problem's since I got this computer. Does anyone know to delete the driver. Thank you.
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    How do you install ruby on Linux?

    How do you in install ruby on Ubuntu?
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    Hello everyone this is a thread I created ware people can post tips about Linux. Heres a tip that works on KDE, GNOME and Ubuntu and lots of other distros. Its a VM (Virtual Machine) called GNOME boxes it is a amazing experience and works well on most Linux distros. It can run up to 10 VMs on a...
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    Multipass error

    Whenever i try to download Ubuntu Multipass on KDE . I did the command's listed and the terminal responed path not found i have used multipass for an while and have never got this command.