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  1. Sueno1123

    [SOLVED] Plymouth works in an unexpected way

    ALREADY SOLVED HERE System info: Intel i5-6300U, Intel HD Graphics 520, Manjaro KDE (X11), LightDM I've followed the Arch Wiki guide to installing Plymouth as well as this video, and it works well with the "plymouth --show-splash" command, but for some reason the splash is shown during...
  2. Sueno1123

    SOLVED: Caps/Hyper behavior inconsistent

    THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED ON ANOTHER FORUM. System info: Manjaro KDE, Intel i5-6300U, Intel HD Graphics 520 I’ve been trying to solve this for weeks now. Before I switched to Linux, I had wired AutoHotkey to replace the function of the Caps Lock key to become a modifier (e.g. caps + a...
  3. Sueno1123

    "The Hardest Way To Learn Linux"

    I was browsing around on Quora when I saw someone recommending something weird: they were telling prospecting Linux converts not to expect their hands to be held because that would hamper their learning journey. They recommended something drastic: apparently there's a book called "Linux From...
  4. Sueno1123

    Alternative to AutoHotKey on Linux?

    I use AHK religiously on my Windows 10 system, I've automated nigh near everything, and I have keyboard shortcuts for everything (even including copypasta lol). Is there a tool in linux that would allow me to do the same?
  5. Sueno1123

    Some people REALLY hate Ubuntu...

    I'm buying a new laptop soon, and I would very much love to install Linux on the old one. I have absolutely no experience with Linux, and very limited coding ability. I've heard that Ubuntu is perfect for beginners who could then later switch to Debian or something else, but is that really true...