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  1. Dart

    Samba 3 and Winbind (local user + domain user)

    Just in case anyone is interested: This was from a working samba server. It's fairly well documented as to what it's doing. It's been a few years since I've messed with this. From 2014 - 2019 It was using samba to allow local computers to access file folders on our FTP server. I'm not sure...
  2. Dart

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    Here's a site that may help explain the commonalities and differences between Linux and FreeBSD. Here's the jist of it. Is FreeBSD Linux or Unix? FreeBSD is a free and open-source Unix-like operating system descended from the Berkeley...
  3. Dart

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    I've had a MacBook for about five years now. I haven't done a whole lot of digging into the command line (I really don't like the native shell), nor have I done a lot of shell scripting on it, but from peaking under the hood, to me it's more BSD than anything else I've ever used. I have used...
  4. Dart

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    Alas... I can not totally leave WIndoze behind as it is a part of my job. But as far as my home life... My reasons for not using Windoze are MUCH easier to explain. I.E. Sorry for a "short" post. :D I just want something that works! Most updates can be done in a single pass. If you're not...
  5. Dart

    When you find out that you're working with someone who's on another level, and how they can affect on your life years later.

    Back in '89, I had just moved in to my current house and started a job working in the aerospace industry. I was a machinist and ran a 5-axis CNC milling machine that cut jet engine nacelle forming tools and many other 3d forms and fixtures. Here's where the command Line comes in. ;) One day...
  6. Dart

    Tony Dow, 'Leave It to Beaver' star, dead

    Bummer... I remember watching leave it to beaver on a regular basis. That and a whole host of other shows that actually had a story and a moral. Ya don't see to much of that these days. May he rest in peace.
  7. Dart

    Text editors that run from the terminal.

    I've been using VI since the latter part of the '80s. It's what everyone else was using, so I had a mountain of info on it's use, shortcuts and anything else I needed to know on tap. I really like it for shell scripting. Once you learn how to customize it, and some of the shortcuts, IMHO...
  8. Dart

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    I personally like the Gnome2, MATE desktop. I really didn't like Gome3 much at all. But that's the beauty of Linux. Choice! However... We all know that choice can cause a major brain infarction! ;) At any rate, I'd rather be bewildered by choice then stifled the vacuum of no choice. I do...
  9. Dart

    Rolling vs Stable

    I've been using CentOS for several years. The down side (for me) is having to reload the OS every 3 or 4 years. I've only recently tried a rolling release, Manjaro. I've been using it for about a year. I haven't had any major issues. It has had a few flaky moments, but all in all not too...
  10. Dart

    Linux: Finding Files

    I also use locate a LOT. Just trying which, it seems to be quite a bit quicker. I can see an advantage in using which, whereis & whatis. It'll end up saving me a bit of time. For example, I don't have a "stock" format for shell scripts. Each is individually written from scratch. They only...
  11. Dart

    Not exactly command line but does have to be typed. ;)

    If you've ever wanted to have a cron job run on something other than a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. This might help. This is the crontab entry that will run a program on the first Monday of the month at 8AM. the first 0 is the minute, the 08 is 8AM 1-7 is days of the month it's can run...
  12. Dart

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    Wow... I HAVE been away for a while. I realize I'm jumping in way late, but... It is what it is. ;) I bought my first copy of Red-Hat from a guy I found on a BBS that was selling it and much more out of his basement. If my memory serves me, it was called Linux Central. I'll have to check the...
  13. Dart

    What Kernel are you running?

    Favorite Kernel... Kernel Panic!
  14. Dart


    Is your test.txt file set whith executable permissions? I.E. chmod 755 test.txt Then try it again.
  15. Dart

    What's the best Stout you've ever tasted?

    For commercial stouts, Lion Stout out of Sri Lanka has been a long time favorite. I tend to save a bottle from each beer that really impresses me. While looking around in the basement, I came across an unopened bottle of Goose Island, bourbon county brand stout, Circa 2020. My eldest son's...
  16. Dart

    What's the best Stout you've ever tasted?

    The best stout I've ever had, is one My brother and I "tweaked." Spread it on Toast Stout. It's a recipe that my brother found on a brew board back in the early '90's. We brewed a few more than a few batches over the next 7 or 8 years. Stouts (my favorite), wheat, amber ale, ipa, etc...
  17. Dart

    Root user

    Did you login to the desktop as root? If so, you have to log out and log back in as the normal user.
  18. Dart

    Root user

    If not already open, open a terminal, type exit and hit enter, the hit enter. In a terminal window you can also hold down the control key and press the d key.
  19. Dart

    Does zeroing out a hard drive guarantee total file elimination?

    If I'm particularly board I'll disassemble them, take an sander to the disks (ya don't need to sand much), toss the platters and casing in the recycle bin, and keep the magnets. They will hold a decent thickness of whatever you want to a refrigerator, toolbox, et al. I had a set that I...