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    Selecting the right router for a cluster?

    Not looking to spend very much as this entire project is about repurposing discarded electronics. I have a roughly 10-year-old Toshiba laptop which I'll be using as a master node. For worker nodes, I've been slowly collecting old android phones. The master node will be directly connected via...
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    Need help installing Ubuntu on android phone with dead screen.

    I am slowly collected a pile of old phones and tablets. I'd like to repurpose these devices into something that will help me make passive income mining cryptocurrency. (Monero) While this will start out as a farm, eventually I will "evolve" my collection of android devices into a Beowulf...
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    Cluster resource suggestions.

    I started thinking about this pet project of mine about a year ago. You can't go anywhere these days without seeing something being mentioned about cyrpto currency. I had my first taste of potential when a small token coin shot from .0000001 to .02. Literally, overnight what was once worth...
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    Not sure where to ask questions on building clusters. I've been reading and researching quite a bit so far. Now I'm starting to gather the hardware I need to complete a pet clustering project. If you think about it, clusters can fit into networking and server as well. Perhaps a Cluster forum...
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    Stuck on Kubernetes install.

    I'm following along with an online tutorial to install Kubernetes on Ubuntu. This is part of a larger how-to mine cryptocurrency (Monero) on a Kubernetes cluster using XMRig. I got as far as step 4 on Canonical's website attempting to run the command "kubectl get all --all-namespaces". Every...
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    Hardware suggestions for clustering on a shoestring budget?

    I'm attempting to build a small cryptocurrency mining Beowulf cluster on a shoestring budget. The server is my 10yr old Toshiba laptop. Nodes will be android phones running Ubuntu. Most of my questions will be regarding the wireless aspect of this cluster. Ideally, I know it would be best for...
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    Used book is incomplete!

    After a 20+ year recess from Linux, I'm going back and re-teaching myself. While looking for resources I came across a pre-owned copy of O'Reilly Press "Building Linux Clusters" written by David HM Spector. I was unaware when I ordered it that the CD which should have been included, wasn't in...
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    Class suggestions.

    It’s been over 20 years since I worked with Linux. I have a project that I’m interested in building a Beowulf HA cluster using Ubuntu. There are so many online classes via Coursera and Udemy, I don’t know which would be best to brush on my skills. Suggestions?
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    Cluster building project

    I need help building a cluster that can mine cryptocurrency! Laugh, if you will, but it's been done already. I'm just having a helluva time getting information on how it was done. I'm not "wealthy" so I can't afford an $8000 ASCII Bitcoin miner that sounds like a jet engine while sucking all the...
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    Linuxgruven survivor with a mission!

    Yes, I'm one of the folks that got ripped off by Linuxgruven some 20 years ago. I was given an LCA certification as a Linux Certified Associate network engineer. Then I watched as my "school" was closed, my tuition disappeared and the "owner" of Linxugruven was arrested and sent to jail under...