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    Dmenu or Rofi wont work in Arch VM using virt manager

    This is the first time using virt manager instead of virtualbox. I created a new virtual machine of arch and am using DWM with no DE. For some reason i cant get Dmenu or Rofi to work. When i use the mod b key to get dmenu the the desktop bar goes away but no dmenu. Is this a VM thing or am i...
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    How to log into terminal rather than window manager

    I made a change to my .xinitrc file and when i log in to dwm window manager i get a blank screen. Is there a way i can log into terminal instead of DWM to correct the file.
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    Trying to run Arch on a Surface Pro 4

    I have worked hard at getting Arch linux running on a surface pro 4. I am getting close. I have most things working except the touch features. The most annoying issue is the constant WiFi drops. I know that i can solve the problem with installing the jakeaday kernel because i have done it on...
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    Old guy trying to learn Linux

    Hi all, I am a Linux novice. I hope to change that because I have gotten rid of all my Macs and windows devices. I am currently experimenting with window managers instead of DE's in arch on an older surface pro 3 and I am really enjoying the learning. I do have a lenovo think pad set up with...
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    Bluetooth Issues with Logitech k375s keyboard

    I have a Logitech k375s keyboard. I had the latest version of mint on a t490s lenovo laptop and the keyboard paired to bluetooth with no problems. I recently changed my distro to arch based manjaro. My logitich mouse will connect fine but the keyboard will not. bluetooth finds the keyboard...
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    Xed command line issues

    Hi I am somewhat new to linux. The distro i am using is the latest version of Mint. I was customizing some thing and must have messed something up. When i call xed from terminal i get the below multiple notice. the command still opens the editor but i get the error messages in terminal. I tried...
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    Install issues with Arch

    I am trying to install Arch on a older dell Latitude E5410 laptop. I am to the point that i am install the boot loader. I typed this command grub-install —target=x86_64-Eli —Eli-directory=/boot/EFI —bootloader-Id=GRUB The below is what was returned Installing for x86-64-efi platform. EFI...
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    New to linux and need to understand something

    I have linux mint installed on a surface pro two and linux debian inst installed on virtual box. Forgive me for this next statement for it may be inaccurate. I installed chromium browser on both machines. One both i used what i will call the apt package handler. I am not sure if apt is a...
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    Getting started with Linux Arch

    Hi I have been working with some Linux distros and recently watched a YouTube video that talked about use arch as your distro. The reason was that it is highly customizable. It even allows you to experiment with different desktops. I tried to install and got fairly far but got to a point...