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    Help - buying a budget pc for linux

    Hello, I am looking for a budget computer and I want to know if I can run linux mint cinnamon without any problems, here the specs: AMD Ryzen 5600g AMD APU Radeon Vega Motherboard ASrock A520M-HVS Also, will I need to enter nomodeset or will it run smoothly with the APU?
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    Linux in Dell T3610 CPU Xeon E5-1650

    Hello, I have a Dell Precision T3610, it has a CPU Xeon E5 1650, 32gb ram, 1TB HDD and an AMD Firepro V4900. It runs Windows 10 without any problem. I use this PC to produce music, video and ilustrations, usually with LMMS, Inkskape, GIMP, Kdenlive, OBS... Since they are all open source...