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  1. Catalin

    Nvidia - Bumblebee - Optimus - Prime - Envycontrol

    Hello again Linux community! <3 :D I have successfully installed MX Linux Xfce edition on my family's laptop. (this time Debian Stable as Manjaro was not a good option) Since it's being used in a very conservative fashion, only for e-mail, office, web browsing and occasionally some Youtube...
  2. Catalin

    Corrupted USB Drive with I/O error

    Hello community! I've been testing some distros lately as I need to find other possible options for an older member of my family. So, I have this Hama 3.0 USB Drive 64 GB that I have been using but today it stopped working. I have this one since February 2020 and I barely used it, and when I...
  3. Catalin

    Kmail - Could not compose message: Inappropriate ioctl for device

    Hello Linux community! I am running Manjaro KDE Plasma and I have set up Kmail for two accounts: 1) my Microsoft institutional e-mail and 2) and my personal Gmail one. Kmail works fine regarding receiving e-mails, but I cannot send e-mails at all and I receive this error and I don't know what...
  4. Catalin

    Complicated problem - All linux distros freeze, briefly run sluggish, and some cannot be installed (INFO provided) [Expert needed]

    Hello! I tried multiple Linux distros: Manjaro (KDE, Xfce), Garuda (KDE, Xfce), Lubuntu, Kubuntu. With Arch based I can get them installed but eventually they will freeze, sometimes they get sluggish before this happening but it's not a rule. Other times changing kernel or doing other settings...