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    Erasing Oracle Linux to factory default

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of installing an application on my Oracle Linux instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and I am needing to keep starting from square one. Can you advise on how I can wipe the whole instance to factory default - erase all applications I have installed...
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    Establishing a TCP connection with Oracle Linux (Red Hat based)

    Hello everyone, I have been struggling to find someone to build a Server for our Video IoT application, so I figured the best way to go about this is to have a shot at taking one step at a time. I understand how the device protocol works, but the struggle is to establish a TCP Connection...
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    Touch screen Laptop compatible Linux OS?

    Hello Everyone, Would you be able to advise wether there is a Linux Distribution which has touch screen functionality to suit a convertible Laptop? Thank you in advance, Michael
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    Browser for Linux 3.10 devices

    Hello everyone, Hope you are all looking forward to a better year ahead. I have a sample in-vehicle tablet which is running Linux 3.10, which we intend to create the "DriverConsole" having all the Truck Driver communication, telematic and navigation functions. I am looking down the avenue...
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    Best NAS Software for local and remote computers

    I do not expect to receive this information for free. I am happy to pay for the relevant software and/or make a donation. Hello everyone, We are in the progress of expanding our company which will involve moving into a factory. Therefore we are going to set up more computers as well as the...
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    My first Linux Application

    Hello everyone, Happy belated new year We are in the position now to build our first App. And we were deciding wether to develop using Android and Linux, and in the industry we are catering for (Heavy transport), I dare say that Linux would be the best option. The application we want to build...
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    Network Video Recorder software

    Hello everyone, I have bought a device which has embedded Linux NVR software in it, which all is well and good. I don't know the full circuitboard specifications, but from what I have tried, the demands I have placed on it survived. However, I am trying to employ RTMP and/or RTSP which the...