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    New series of spins built from Debian-- SpiralLinux

    Hi everyone, I'm the creator and maintainer of GeckoLinux, which is a project to polish off the rough edges from openSUSE and make it much quicker to install and more usable out-of-the-box. GeckoLinux isn't going anywhere, but it looks like the openSUSE Leap branch the way we know it as a...
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    How to use TLP profile in battery mode but with 1 exception?

    Hi there, I'm trying to get used to a new laptop (Intel whitebook NUC9 extreme) with a fan that runs more than I like. I use openSUSE with TLP for power management, which seems to always "just work" in my experience for optimal power management. And with this laptop it's also apparently working...
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    Complete filesystem failure, S.M.A.R.T report OK

    Hi there, a friend contacted me with a Thinkpad T440 laptop that was running the latest Ubuntu LTS. They closed the lid (presumably went into hibernation) and came back a little while later and opened it to find a GRUB rescue command line with "unknown filesystem". Before that they were just...
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    False positive? running cryptominer in visitor's browsers?

    Hi, does anybody know anything about this? I thought was a reputable site? Or is this a false positive?
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    Hello from the GeckoLinux creator

    Hi everyone, thanks for the very friendly welcome I received over on this thread. So I took their suggestions to introduce myself. Or at least to introduce my username. ;-) I keep a very low online profile just out of general privacy and security concerns. I despise social media and dislike...