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    5K player in Linux

    Does 5K player stand a chance of functioning in Linux or is it a no no ?
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    Live usb to HDD

    I.m new to Linux and need to install Mint onto my HDD , how do i do this whilst running in the live usb mode. The HDD is blank , well it reads grub and thats all . Do i need to format in FAT32 the HDD and partition before this install ?. Can this be done thru the command line , if so is there a...
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    Newbie looking for Linux books

    Hello everyone . I am looking for advice on what are the best books for a total newb to Linux , i have Mint. I came from Windows world !!!. Would like to know about how to get things done in the terminal and in general in Linux systems. Looking for a kind of Linux drivers manual and problem...