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    Change with Debian's Non-Free Firmware Policy Debian now adding Non-Free firmware in its main images instead of special non-free images.
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    Welcome aboard - enjoy the journey.
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    Why would I want symbolic links to be "followed"? How does this effect cd's behavior?

    Puppy is a great distro to use for banking because. 1. Can run a session without a save file - when finished reboot no evidence is left of your session. 2. Run from a live CD with same - no save file. 3. Run a Browser in chrooted environment meaning an even more secure environment.
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    Which distro?

    Well Puppy, PeppermintOS, Antix - do some research - There is some good choices out there - good luck,
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    Dell latitude D600 & D610

    A Nice Dell the D630 - Nice purchase.
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    Hi, all...

    Tried Many of Mike's portables - run great on many distros I have used. Good man is our Mike.
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    How to help Windows Refugees

    Thanks so far for all your answers so far including those who have found Windows users sticking with or going back to Windows. Linux is not for everyone it seems, which is a pity because - you get to keep your machine longer etc.
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    It no longer makes sense for windows to be the default gaming OS

    Good grief Mike Walsh from Puppy - Nice to see you Mike Walsh. Darren
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    How to help Windows Refugees

    Hi everyone, With more and more people coming here after finding they can't upgrade to win11 - how would you explain the virtues of Linux to them. Remember you will have to keep it simple and help them to understand how Linux can benefit them. A better scenario than buying a new machine every...
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    Easiest version of Linux for seniors ?

    I love the fact Linux can keep their machines running and that they gain the ability to have choices in their desktop environment to suit the capabilities of their computer - also run their older printers etc - which Windows drops after a release or 2. That is empowering for the user. Updates...
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    Easiest version of Linux for seniors ?

    I have come to the conclusion there are people coming to Linux now who are not your typical computer hobbyist/power user but just someone who uses a computer for every day tasks like surfing the web, watching video content who are looking for an alternative to their Windows system. They have no...
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    Easiest version of Linux for seniors ?

    With so much info on the internet - using the command line is a lot easier. Especially you tube.
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    Easiest version of Linux for seniors ?

    I am going to take the unusual step of recommending one distrol here: Linux Lite - Has a graphical wizard at the start when you get to the desktop - helping you to configure it......
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    Linux made me paranoid

    I would rather focus on positive stuff that is in my control than worry about what you can't control - stresses you. Anxiousness and Depression go hand in hand. I just enjoy using whatever I am using my Apple phone or right now MX21 on my Laptop. Life is too short for the above.
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    Why did I abandon Windows for good? Must say I kind of miss .."You have performed an illegal operation". I must be a smuggler or perform back street illegal operations on people.
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    How to upgrade to Mint 21

    A review from Explaining Computers:
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    Will Linux replace windows in future?

    I don't relate to Linux replacing Windows. Linux will always be an option for people who want more control over their computing and those that want something that will run on their older hardware.
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    Olivia Newton-John, beloved as Sandy in 'Grease,' dies at 73 after breast cancer battle.

    Very sad - knew that eventually she would pass having seen that the cancer had returned. Thank goodness we have her legacy of music, such a wonderful voice.
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    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    You know latest Debian on an old Sony Vaio does anything for me that Windows can do even got Microsoft Teams video app running. Printing Fuji xerox p205b running with it which previously wouldn't run with Linux. Printed out important documents - go Debian...
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    Do you think people should choose distro according to distro watch rating?

    You should test various ones on real hardware you are using first. Only way to choose a distro for your unique machine.