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  1. particlefeever

    Linux Mint 20 drivers not working after update

    I installed Linux Mint 20 this week and it was running so well... But I was still struggling to configure an external disk to setup a backup, I like GParted, but it miss some resources, I needed to resize some exFAT partition. Meanwhile, I decided to let Mint do the auto update - big mistake...
  2. particlefeever

    Problems with DD partition size to a backup copy

    I need to make a copy of my system so I can mess with it and come back in time, if I need. I am not happy with backup options I found, and I am not sure GParted copy is reliable - besides, I need to boot in an USB stick otherwise it does nothing. DD seems to do the job right. But here is the...
  3. particlefeever

    How to install amd64 in a 64bit CPU with 32bit EFI

    I have a Mac Mini mid 2007 with Debian 10 32 bit running just fine... but there is almost nothing to really work on it... 32 bit, despite my efforts, it's a dead architecture. So it's just to install a 64 OS or upgrade this one right? Well... This Mac Mini got no optical drive (I will try tu put...