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  1. ralph5WZ

    What browser do you use

    I use Chrome, and sometimes Vivaldi. But as I could understand already, it's more important what websites do you use, and how they were developed, if we talk about speed of loading. Talking of websites, and how developers build them, you can visit this link ( ) to...
  2. ralph5WZ

    Gaming on Linux is awesome

    I still think that Unreal Tournament 2004 is one of the best games, for that period of time. For nowadays, when I have some free time - I prefer something more swift, any kind of indie game, maybe with RPG elements or something like that. Where you can simply go through couple of levels, and...
  3. ralph5WZ

    What are your hobbies?

    I simply love to spend my free time on sport and learning something new about the cosmos, stars, galaxies, etc., and how space objects can affect people in different situations. So I love astronomy as well as astrology. That's why sometimes I like ti visit websites and blogs where experts can...
  4. ralph5WZ

    Match for a word in a text with the PHP script

    captain-sensible, it's a nice solution, thanks for reminding. There are plenty of times, when I'm trying to implement features like that during simple stages of emr development and as you know, when you concentrate on some specific features and code parts - you can easily forget about other...
  5. ralph5WZ

    Kali Linux Revealed - free ebook

    Rob, awesome, thanks! Even I've been reading it already but only physical book, the first years when it was publishing, anyway thanks for this ebook. It always have tips and useful additional hints for a user, and specific ways how to solve any kind of problem. A whole chapter "Securing and...
  6. ralph5WZ

    Which linux distro has GUI to adjust screen size (not resolution)?

    I would use "System: Preferences" cause it's way simpler.
  7. ralph5WZ

    Parasitic computer industry

    Do you use it by yourself?
  8. ralph5WZ

    Epson Scanners XP-445 and SX-435W

    Epson XP-445 all-in-one - is one of the best models I've been using recently.
  9. ralph5WZ

    Hello all

    Hello and welcome